Thursday, January 31, 2013

Driving The Hurt Home

We have a saying here in the office.  Actually we have a few, but I will refer to only two.

  • If you have hate in your heart, let it out.  Usually said as sarcastically sympathetic as possible.
  • When you have something to say, make sure you drive the hurt home.  Meaning, do it with conviction and get your point across tactfully, succinctly and as hurtful as possible.
Well first off, I would like to thank the Founders, the Bloggers, the Patriots who support III Arms / III Citadel and Jim Miller for taking the helm with the III Arms venture.  If you have not met this man in person, I am sorry to hear that.  He is the type of man that you can see the cogs working overtime in his eyes.  It is like watching a steel mill operation of molten steel, sparks and true grit.  His determination with the support of many has finally led us to today!

So for those that doubted III Arms, maybe you should have read real Patriotic History instead of that fictitious garbage in schools today that has been crammed in your heads by those that make up the rules as the days go by.  You would know that freedom prevails, because there are those of us that solely believe in life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Congrats Founders, Supporters, Patrons of III Arms and Jim Miller!
The story here:  The Last Nail Is In

In Liberty,

Hasty Decisions

Thanks Mike.

In Liberty,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Albert Einstein and War

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~Albert Einstein

With all the current events surrounding us, this quote of Albert Einstein rings inside my ears.  Think about it.

Ammo, Gone!
Reloading supplies, Gone!
Certain weapons and parts, GONE!

While you may still be able to find some ammo, reloading supplies, weapons and parts here and there appear to be depleted.  This reality tells me that even if the "die off" happens, looking to be resupplied of items expended would require me to go scavenging.  Scavenging would lead to expending more resources or fatality.

So, when thinking of the quote above and looking around at your current AO and all its inhabitants with the thought of all you have in reserve, what do you plan on using when the brass, primers, lead and powder are exhausted?

Maybe its time for me to get into archery and the like.  Haven't shot a bow and arrow since 9th grade so maybe I need to find the man who makes his own arrows out of wood, real feathers and flint.  I crossed his path once in my life, time to take a road trip to cross his path once again.

In Liberty,


Monday, January 28, 2013

Brew Great Beer: Free Kindle Download While It Lasts

While it lasts, there is a free Kindle download available today regarding brewing.  I do not personally brew beer, but I have been known to brew some brandy wine.  Those of you that sat around the fire at the NC PatCon may have enjoyed it.  None the less, be it bartering item or morale booster, it is a good Ace in the sleeve to have knowledge of brewing.

Article HERE

Amazon Kindle Download HERE

In Liberty,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Demand This Missouri!

How about no?  Better yet, how about FUCK NO!

The article Here.

In Liberty,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wallet Tactics

Well I must say it makes me proud to be in the the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when I read an article such as this one.

Boycott of Harrisburg Show

We are not talking about people showing up with empty holsters.  We are not talking about people showing up with rifles empty.  We are simply talking about people not showing up period!  To see the amount of support of vendors that pretty much said "fuck you" to the show is pretty astounding.  I am proud of you folks for standing your ground and yes for every vendor not present, is "X" amount of dollars out of their pocket.

Maybe now they will begin to understand?

I doubt it, but time will tell one way or the other.

In Liberty,

The Constitutionalists Diet

If you are like me, you probably made a New Years Resolution or a couple for 2013.  Some people wish for money or luck or new job etc., but some change their choices in diet for a better healthier way of living.

Well I am here to tell you I have found a break through in dieting folks.  This really works!

Not only am I a member, I'M THE PRESIDENT of the Constitutionalists Diet.

The results are amazing!

Your friends will beg you to know your secret!

The secret is quite simple and in my case, was accidental.  You see in order to sign the petition that some of you may have seen on the Patriot blogs regarding the 2nd Amendment, you had to first create an account with the White House.

Well now I get the emails.  From the White House.  About stuff.  So in essence, this is your first step, which is create an account on the White House Website.  Hell while you are there, Sign The Petition!

Your next step, read and watch everything the White House has to offer.


You will be sure to puke!  Hell I don't even remember the last time I ate corn, but thanks to VP Joe Lie-Den, I no longer have it in my system.  I am down 8 lbs since I signed the petition so it can only get better.

Join now and start a healthier you today!

In Liberty,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paging Faraday Cage, Mr. Faraday Cage?

I am going to use this post for two reasons.

Reason #1 - I want factual proof of how to build a faraday cage that works and is known to work.  If you have the schematic or know how, I am interested.  I have seen the videos, I have seen literature and they all conflict with one another so I want 100% proof ideas here.

Reason #2 - The test in regards to the article linked HERE make me believe that one or many of these are going to go awry.  Or maybe we will be the test basin and gubbamint scientists will say it was an "X 5 solar flare of great magnitude that hit the Earth's atmosphere....blah blah <scientific jargon> blah blah fuckity blah!"

In Liberty,


Ok, change of pace here on the Beam.





Oh fuck yeah.  Whether its waffles or your girls body, sign me up for a jar!

Get it here:  Maple Bacon Chocolate Sauce

...and to think we geeks don't have a sense of what is good.

In Liberty,

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Bible, A Noose and A Lie Detector

What do these have in common?  Well I think that maybe in order to keep any and all politicians feet held to the fire, maybe we need to begin using the gallows and a lie detector test when swearing them in.  Just think, while the person stands there, rope around neck, lie detector machine hooked to both the person and the gallows lever, that when asked to honor and uphold the Constitution, the moment of truth appears.  One of two things will happen.

1) The person actually passes the test, and the rope is removed.  They go about their duties serving We The People.

2) The person fails the test, the gallow lever is pulled, and the enemy of Liberty is no more.

Seems harsh, however as We the People have seen in the past decades of our natural laws being trampled on, what is more harsh?  Holding them accountable or enslaving us?

In Liberty,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bad Things, Good People

Every day that goes by, bad things happen to good people.  Some days it is close to home and affects us directly, and some days it affects us indirectly.  The current stir regarding more stringent gun laws is becoming the snow flake at the top of the mountain that eventually will cause the avalanche.  Let us break this down from NY to NJ to DC.

NY as we know it crammed it's invasive and unconstitutional law down its constituents throat this past week.  The law calls for a ban on magazines for both rifle and pistol with a limit on the magic number 7.  Seems fair right?  WRONG!  DEAD FUCKING WRONG!  Limit to 7 rounds damn near wipes out 90% + semi-auto hand guns out of the market.  Kimber Manufacturing is located in Yonkers, NY.  It is a shame that NY has royally fucked over there own commerce within its borders.  It is a blatant outright attack against hard working tax payers of NY to be limited in their rights of protection while Mayor Doomberg, Gubnar Cuomo and all their cronies have the ability of armed protection at the tax payers expense whilst royally fucking their constituents in the ass with the recent law.

NY not only has attacked the magazine capacity of the pistols, but the rifles as well.  Even the most simplistic rifle such as the Ruger 10/22 is dead in the cross hairs under this bill.  The Semi-auto rifle has a small 8-round mag.  Hmmn?  Eight you say?  Yes, eight.  I know.  I own one.  As for the AR platform, the carefully crafted law essentially makes it almost impossible to own one.  Prior to Tuesday, the 3 items notated below could be on the rifle.  BUT ONLY TWO of those 3.
  1. Flash Hider
  2. Bayonet Lug
  3. Collapsible Stock  
Now under the new law, you can only have one.  Let's think logically about this rifle cause there is an underlying issue here that is being missed.  The items above are a smoke screen.  Here is why.
  • Bayonet lug?  Fine, take it off and get a gas block.
  • Collapsible stock?  Fine, get a fixed stock.
  • Pistol grip?  What the fuck are you talking about? It's a rifle, not a pistol.  How else will you grip it?  Some how, some way some one will develop a stock like that of a deer rifle or shotgun I guess. 
  • Flash Hider? Hmmn?  This is where the loophole is.  Most AR's are mid length.  We all know that if you remove the flash hider from a 16" AR, if you can as most are welded or pinned, the barrel length now becomes 14 1/2 inches in length.  And that folks is 100% illegal since now your AR is a Short Barrel Rifle.  If caught, you will be facing even more issues.

The AR and the ban in NY, is an outright magic bullet to remove many guns from the hands of law abiding citizens period!  The heinous act committed by any person in the public, whether it is semi-auto or not, is still an act committed by someone who is not following the law.  The majority of you reading this own something that is under the current scrutiny.  You nor I would ever think to commit what happened in CT or CO or anywhere.  Why?  Because we follow the law.

Now in the case of NJ and DC, I am going to throw these two into the same realm.  There are things that Christie has come out to say against the NRA ad, there is the press conference of Zero and Lie-Den with children as their shields and there is the NRA ad in question.  Lately, my view on the NRA has not been good.  What part of "Shall not be infringed" are you protecting regarding these bans that are happening?  Anyways, I held back the vomit during this video of Zero and Lie-den.  For over 20 minutes I sat and festered and shook with anger.  How dare Zero even have the aduacity to speak of Ronald Reagan.  If Ronnie was alive, he smack your lie spewing mouth and put you in the corner.  During the video, note when he mentions how his agenda would protect things like the Chicago shooting from happening.  REALLY?!  What fucking planet are you from Zero?  Chicago, more importantly Illinois, is a BLACK state when it comes to gun rights.  It has almost zero gun rights and yet, you bring that to light as to protect against?  Law abiding citizens cant do anything in Chicago so therefor, your new Executive Orders must pertain only to the criminals then right?  Oh, criminals don't follow the law, and neither do you sir!


The NRA launched its ad regarding Zero and other elitists children and the fact that if they can have armed personnel at their children's schools, why cannot "We The People" have the same protection for ours?


Christie came out to attack the NRA ad stating that the video is "reprehensible".  Really Christie?  Is the ad reprehensible?  Just because you and all politicians work for We The People, what gives you the fucking right to have your children guarded?  What makes your child more important than mine?  You and the other Constitution stomping mongrels in these United States are out of line and should be held in high contempt.

It is a shame that this is what We The People have to represent us.  When you swore to uphold the Constitution, did you really understand what that meant?  

In Liberty,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yeah, Would you Kindly Go Fuck Yourself?

I didn't even get through the article.  The title said it all and immediately I thought to myself, "Fuck Off!"

I am speechless and for those that know me personally, that does not happen much.

GPS Devices On Guns?

In Liberty,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcoming to The Steel Ibeam: At Wetzel's Corner

The Steel Ibeam has acquired an additional writer amongst its wall.  It has not yet been determined as to whether or not this will be a constant thing, but given the current circumstance regarding the attacks against III Arms and III Citadel, myself and another Patriot have united on The Steel Ibeam to enlighten the community and its readers.  To view any and all topics relating to Wetzel's Corner, follow the Sitemap as this will be your expedited route to Patriotic and Liberty based fulfillment.

Without further ado, I proudly present

At Wetzel's Corner

Crabs in a pot

Welcome to the first (and maybe only) installment of Wetzel’s Corner. A special Thank You to my brother Israel for allowing me space on his blog today.

I am a Husband, Father, and Patriot. I am also a Founding Member of III Arms.  I am a lurker on blogs for the most part; maybe I’d send Wirecutter a pic of a deer I shot, but by and large I keep to myself. Live and let live. If it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg, I truly do not care what anyone else in this world does.  What’s happening on other blogs is now directly affecting my investment.  So here are some questions and observations:

MBV and the Merry Band: Do you believe in redemption? I do. Sam got pinched and served his debt.  I forgive him, if you can’t you’d better do a gut check if you profess to be a Christian.
The things MBV confessed to having done in the name of Communism, if having been caught, would have made HIM a convicted felon. How do ya’ll out there in SipseyLand square with that?
 All the fuss and negativity about something that you’re not involved in. How does it pick your pocket or break your leg? It doesn’t. That means you are involving yourself in something that’s none of your business, and are infringing on someone else’s Liberty. AND attempting to crash a fledgling FIREARMS manufacturer. Exactly what the Liberty movement stands for, eh?
Relying on handouts and government checks. Where does your hypocrisy end?

I can’t stand a hypocrite. Go fuck yourself.

There’s one commenter, I’ve read his posts on TL’s site as well as Sipsey- goes by the name of Tino.
Here’s a quote from a comment he made- “'I’m happy for Mike. He has done an excellent work exposing POS of all kinds. This Survival Blog's post ought to be the last nail in the Citadel IIIs (with Kerodin) coffin.”

Thanks for trying to drive a nail in forty Patriot’s investments. Asshole.

Tino- instead of casting aspersions, what have YOU done for Liberty? You say you’ve met both Simo Häyhä, AND Jeff Cooper. Mister Big World Traveler jetting to and from Finland and Arizona. I was in Mercer at TL’s Summit, where were you? Where were you when we were trying to pull together not in a virtual world, but in a real one? Heck, one patriot drove all the way from Montana to be there. That was TL’s effort, not Sam’s, surely you could have provided some support by showing up. Asshole.

All these posts and replies have one thing in common- and I think that it’s jealousy. Pure and simple. Thou Shall Not Covet. Try living with that paradigm, we’ll all be better off.

I’ve met Sam, looked him in the eye, shook his hand. Spoke with him. I’m a grown man, and can make my own decisions. Your advice regarding how I ought to not trust him due to his past is not welcome, nor appreciated.

I’ll bet most if not all the people blogging and commenting have never met the man, and cannot back up any of the claims they make about Sam’s character, other than the anecdotal ramblings of a Hypocrite or an Asshole.

Stay out of my business, and I’ll stay out of yours.

Anonymity and Cowards: Stand Your Ground III%'ers!

Back in September of 2012, I wrote a post titled School Yard Blues in regards to whose Patriotism is greater than another.  I am writing today to rally with my III Brothers and III Sisters to make the following statement.

"I will NEVER back down from fully supporting the III Community, III Arms, III Citadel or any affiliation that has to do with Kerodin, the Founders or any Patriot new or old as long as those mentioned continue to have merit and do unto me as I would do unto them."

I do not have the luxury of time to go chase an enigmatic path that you lay out Mike Vanderboegh to unravel your past since I am a working man and based on what I know, you like most of the FSA, need me to continue working in order to get by.  Happiness in slavery comes to mind for those like you and the FSA, for it is those that live off of handouts that are the slaves of society.  To think slavery was abolished is a farce.

As for Kerodin, he makes it quite simple for me to choose a trustworthy man since he never once hid from anything.  Key word and emphasis on "man".  His approach towards me has never been hostile, ignorant, deceitful or anything derogatory.  He has never once hidden behind anyone or anything regarding any and all of my questions or statements directly or indirectly towards him or the III Community.  You however have indirectly attacked me.  Your spewing of lies based on what I believe in and have invested into is pure ignorance and outright jealousy.  That is what affects me.  I and my family are one of the Founders to III Arms Company.  I do not make that statement to boast, I make that statement to state you are fucking with my life.  I may add, so not to be selfish, you are also fucking with the lives of others who just want rightful Liberty, our Natural Law, which is why I write these words today.

I, Israel and The Steel Ibeam, as today as it has been in my past, will continue to fall in rank with Sam, III Community, III Arms, III Citadel, Founders as well as any new or old Patriot based on my statement above.  Those like you Mike that plan to destroy this project or spew negativity without learning of the project are not welcome in my circle.  Those that hide behind "anonymous" on the blogs that are too ashamed to come out and be counted or will not take the time to define themselves and stand for their negative opinion are not welcome in my circle and will be treated as I or the III Arms Community has been treated.

It is quite a shame that parts of society that claim to be III% are no far better than the tyrannic treasonous fools of the past and present.  If you claim to be III%, better do your homework on what it truly means.  If it means slander to your fellow III%, then maybe the sickle and hammer is more your trademark.

In Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness,

To All Military and Police Personnel

Please honor your Oath.

In Liberty,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sign the Petition!

We are more than halfway there.  Lets get to 25,000.  I was hesitant at first, but then I thought, "Hey they already know who we are." We are doing nothing wrong, unlike them, so why not?

Click Here

In Liberty,

Welcome To Pennsylvania New Yorkers

As you are already aware, the wonderful state of New York has stepped off the porch with a ramrod gun law.  Pennsylvania as being New York's neighboring state is now accepting law abiding New York refugees since Pennsylvania has not stepped of the porch.  Yet.

I am trying to make light of a situation that if you are in the Patriotic blogsphere, you already know.  Years ago, I wanted to go to the range in western NY with a couple buddies that reside in Western NY.  I was told I cannot take my AR up to their range cause it is illegal.  HUH?!

I was outraged.  My rifle back then, was your typical Bushmaster that you could get at a Dunham's.  I guess because of the stock, bayonet lug and some other things, the rifle was considered illegal in NY.  Needless to say, I shot in my own back yard instead.

The story found here: Fuck New York

My coffee mug comes to mind.  "FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING FUCK!!"  Again, the law abiding citizens have sand thrown in the Vaseline.  How many flaming hoops do I have to jump through now?  When does it end?  The article makes my mind vomit. 

"Under current state law, assault weapons are defined by having two "military rifle" features, such as folding stock, muzzle flash suppressor or bayonet mount. The proposal would reduce that to one feature, including the popular pistol grip. The language specifically targeted the military-style rifle used in the Newtown shootings."


If that rifle was used in the Newtown shootings as you say, then why in the fuck is there proof that Adam used 4 pistols only and video proof of them taking the so called rifle that did this out of the trunk?  Did Adam perform the shooting, then kill himself, then rise from the dead to hide the rifle in the trunk of the car?  If the coroner stated .223 did it, and Adam's .223 or his mothers .223 was not the rifle that did it.  Then who the fuck did?  Cops chased someone into the woods.  People came out to say there was more than one person.  Why did that get silenced?  HUH?!  WHY THE FUCK DID THAT PIECE NOT MAKE IT OUT?!

Because never let a crisis go to waste.  Even if it's your own .gov creating the crisis to quicken their agenda.

In Liberty,


Friday, January 11, 2013

Dust Bunnies and Dismay

If you had a goal before the end of 2012 regarding ammo or anything of the sort, chances are you are kicking yourself in the ass right now for not taking some 0% credit card and ride the crazy train to max the damn thing out.  Me?  Yeah I didn't get a ticket for that crazy train either, but I will tell you long ago I heard sage advice.  That advice was to take portions of my paycheck and put it toward something every time I got paid.  Could be .22 lr, 12 gauge, 250 savage what ever, as long as it was something.  Hell even a pound of some FFFF or primers or IMR powder or bow yeah you get the point.

Well the tribe is reporting in Western PA that Dunhams, Walmart and gun shops all around have nothing but dust bunnies and cob webs on the ammo shelves when it comes to the basics.  Any Mag fed rifle is gone regardless of price and it is not known when those vacant spots on the shelf will be supplied.  Essentially if you didn't get one, it is unknown when you will.  I advised friends and others to go and buy before this debacle.  I encouraged to not get lavish with grips and things and concentrate on mags and ammo first.  The reality of what could be is what the reality is now.

.22lr gone.
.223/.556 gone.
Mags gone and so on.
.45 acp has taken another rise in price.
Price of 100 count 12 gauge 8 shot has gone up a couple bucks.  Still a lethal projectile when mixed with some ingenuity such as cut shells

I feel now more than ever a networking needs to take effect and the leap of faith in trusting one another, which is a hard thing these days, is now 100% apparent.

When practicing at the local range, grab your spent casings or have the courtesy to ask those that are going to throw them away if you can have them.  Even if you don't own that caliber grab them.  If SHTF and you cross someone in your future that has that caliber and reloading supplies, you now have the potential to make ammo.  If you don't reload, start learning.  I have never in my life reloaded and now I am 100% intrigued.  Find someone in your network to teach you.   

Should you heat your home with gas or electric switch gears to learn how you could possible use wood.  If you have a well, switch gears to learn how to access that well with a hand pump and so on.  The little things of small prepping versus large scale are now becoming clear.  If you are not planning to make it to Idaho , then hopefully you are networking accordingly to plan your survival.   

There are PatCons scheduled.  My fear is that we wont have the time to meet one another.  Should shit not hit the fan, I encourage you to get to any PatCon if able.  The one on my radar is in May and is in North Carolina.  I encourage you to go.  Brock and his gang will show you what southern hospitality truly means and you might learn a thing or two, even if you are a "Good Yankee".  NC PatCon should be on your 2013 Goal List.   A 2013 New Year's Resolution so to speak.

Lastly, if you are in Western PA or Eastern OH, there are some gun shows coming up soon.  I fear it will not be worth the admission, but you never know.  I intend to go to both of these.  If you want to meet up at one and exchange some info, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form on the right of The Steel Ibeam.

2013 Gun Shows
(Update: This weekend in Washington, PA January 12, 13 is also a Gun Show)

Stay safe.

In Liberty,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spread This Like The Fire From Which It Came!

Feel free to link this, or copy it verbatim.  None the less, get it out there!!!

Some of you may listen or watch Fox News (or as I call it fuck snooze), some may watch or listen to other things, but one things for sure, if you are like me, you never pay attention to MSNBC.  Well it appears that the boy-man or man-boy known as Adam Lanza never used an AR or AK in the Connecticut tragedy in December.

To paraphrase a friend of mine, "Doesn't change the outcome, just emphasizes that the media will lie to push their agenda, even over the dead bodies of innocent children.  All we have heard for three weeks is how he killed everyone with an "Assault Rifle".  They knew it all the time."

The Truth Comes Out Too Late?

Wait, 4 hand guns?  FOUR FUCKING HANDGUNS?!  Really?

Oh and the "assault rifle", I mean evil black rifle, I mean maniacal diabolical horrible rifle, Ahem, I mean AR 15 (yeah cause that's what it is called you so called journalists!) was in the car?  Good job for getting the water cooler story out there so every gun grabbing politician could jump on the band wagon.  Just like the butchered Trayvon Martin story, you created the typical Greek Coliseum of lies where the sheeple follow the show accordingly.  BRAVO msnbc!  If this is your way to set the record straight since you fucked this up from the get go, you can feel free to go out and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.  PERIOD!

In Liberty,