Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Talk is Cheap, Get Off Your ASS!!

In the recent past two weeks I have had a small life changing moment.  I will not go into detail, but it has been one of those enlightening epiphanies where you all of the sudden find center, take a breath, move forward
I have been struggling with finding the will to work out and to train.  I have been depressed about all that is going on around me and in my post How Dare You, I went from being beaten down and depressed with excuses like, “I had a shitty day” or “My back hurts” or “My head hurts” to rise with anger and determination to make a stand.  For myself.  For my future.

We all know the current situation with firearms and ammo.  We all are probably in horde mode and are not training with our firearms due to that fact.  Well the past two weekends I broke the horde rule.  I have to train.  I have to know recoil.  I have to know sound.  Most of all I have to train.

I started off small.  I hit rewind in my brain and started to do PT.  I began with the regimen we utilized back in my JROTC days.  It is quite funny how I find myself stating the commands and cadence during the exercise in my head as if I was still in High School. 

Pushups, Crunches, Jumping Jacks, Cherry Picker, Squat bender, to name a few, are executed daily.  Pushups and crunches are done in the morning or evening as the opposite of whether or not I did the full PT in the morning or evening.  Soon I will add speed rope for my cardio along with Pushup Burpees.

The past two weekends I have trained with my rifle, my 9mm and my 1911.  I trained with Comms.  I trained in the cold for hours all while wearing full gear.  I have yet to weigh my rig, but I can tell you after an hour and a half, my back was cramping, but I never gave in.  My goal by summer is to be able to don my rig and make it through the woods without stopping.  I am not certain of the length of the path in front of me, but it is not flat I can tell you that much.  To traverse the streams, debris of fallen trees, jagger bushes all whilst carrying a load of 65 lbs, yeah that’s my goal.

I lost almost 10lbs thus far.  I am not posting this to brag or boast.  I am posting this to hopefully get in your head to flip the switch and drive you to start training for the possible.  Note how I said the possible. There is nothing that is impossible if you set your mind to it.  I am letting you in to my world by stating I am just a man who has once fallen to the way side with excuses, to now rise with determination.  So my question to you is, are you gonna talk the talk?  Or are you gonna walk the walk?

Get up off your ass!

In Liberty,      


hiswiserangel said...

Excellent, I too, found myself hunkering down instead of pushing forward. Linked.

taminator013 said...

You can always tell a fellow W.Pennsylvanian by the way he calls anything with thorns "jagger bushes"........Keep up with the training and PT. If I wasn't feeling so old and rundown I'd join you. Such is life.

The Steel Ibeam said...

Taminator, I was wondering if anyone would have caught the "jagger bushes" reference. Bravo! Gold star for you.
In Liberty,

Major Wolf said...

With any luck I will be moving into my new house in the next month and be able to start training again, until then I will sit on my ass and bitch. I know all about those bushes but still prefer to call them "wait-a-minute". Moving all my crap will be the start of my workout then its back into a regular routine.

JeremyR said...

There is an old saying, beware the man who owns but one gun, chances are he knows how to use it. My advice for years has been own at least two. Have a 22 rifle to train with. Ammo is cheap, usually available, and you can shoot all with out spending a fortune. The rules of balistics don't change much between a 22 and a 300 mag. Bullets still drop, they still get moved by wind and blades of grass, and you can learn to compensate with them.
Make sure your MBR is sited in and ready, then train with the 22.
recoil? If you are ever in combat, you will find you don't notice it at all when the adrenaline is pumping. Better to train with a low recoil 22 then have a loved one who is scared of the buck of the .45.

taminator013 said...

I appreciate the gold star, but some Golden Sabre or Gold Dot HP could sure come in handy...........

Thinking about spring coming soon to this part of the world. Then I'll have no choice, but to get up off my lazy butt and get out to do all the heavy outside work and get back in shape.....or I could just head down to Angel's part of the world and shovel her out. I may even make an emergency bacon and tequila delivery.