Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Constitutionalists Diet

If you are like me, you probably made a New Years Resolution or a couple for 2013.  Some people wish for money or luck or new job etc., but some change their choices in diet for a better healthier way of living.

Well I am here to tell you I have found a break through in dieting folks.  This really works!

Not only am I a member, I'M THE PRESIDENT of the Constitutionalists Diet.

The results are amazing!

Your friends will beg you to know your secret!

The secret is quite simple and in my case, was accidental.  You see in order to sign the petition that some of you may have seen on the Patriot blogs regarding the 2nd Amendment, you had to first create an account with the White House.

Well now I get the emails.  From the White House.  About stuff.  So in essence, this is your first step, which is create an account on the White House Website.  Hell while you are there, Sign The Petition!

Your next step, read and watch everything the White House has to offer.


You will be sure to puke!  Hell I don't even remember the last time I ate corn, but thanks to VP Joe Lie-Den, I no longer have it in my system.  I am down 8 lbs since I signed the petition so it can only get better.

Join now and start a healthier you today!

In Liberty,

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Jack said...

I like my 2A Diet.

WARNING: Rich folk may have to repeat steps 1-3 a few times to see results.

1. First you watch CNN for as long as you can,but not too long, you may have to buy a new TV.When you start feeling the urge to reach through the screen and strangle some one,click it off.

2. Now you go to the gun shop and buy all the ammo they got that you can use.If they are out of your ammo buy a gun that can eat what they got. Dont forget buy all the ammo for that gun too.

3. Now if you have any cash or credit left make sure you get all the goodies to go with your new toy.

4. Now that you spent all your money on Big Boy toys there shoud be no extra for fast food, chips and all the other crap that gets you fat.It worked for me, I'm down 30 lbs.