Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spread This Like The Fire From Which It Came!

Feel free to link this, or copy it verbatim.  None the less, get it out there!!!

Some of you may listen or watch Fox News (or as I call it fuck snooze), some may watch or listen to other things, but one things for sure, if you are like me, you never pay attention to MSNBC.  Well it appears that the boy-man or man-boy known as Adam Lanza never used an AR or AK in the Connecticut tragedy in December.

To paraphrase a friend of mine, "Doesn't change the outcome, just emphasizes that the media will lie to push their agenda, even over the dead bodies of innocent children.  All we have heard for three weeks is how he killed everyone with an "Assault Rifle".  They knew it all the time."

The Truth Comes Out Too Late?

Wait, 4 hand guns?  FOUR FUCKING HANDGUNS?!  Really?

Oh and the "assault rifle", I mean evil black rifle, I mean maniacal diabolical horrible rifle, Ahem, I mean AR 15 (yeah cause that's what it is called you so called journalists!) was in the car?  Good job for getting the water cooler story out there so every gun grabbing politician could jump on the band wagon.  Just like the butchered Trayvon Martin story, you created the typical Greek Coliseum of lies where the sheeple follow the show accordingly.  BRAVO msnbc!  If this is your way to set the record straight since you fucked this up from the get go, you can feel free to go out and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.  PERIOD!

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