Friday, January 11, 2013

Dust Bunnies and Dismay

If you had a goal before the end of 2012 regarding ammo or anything of the sort, chances are you are kicking yourself in the ass right now for not taking some 0% credit card and ride the crazy train to max the damn thing out.  Me?  Yeah I didn't get a ticket for that crazy train either, but I will tell you long ago I heard sage advice.  That advice was to take portions of my paycheck and put it toward something every time I got paid.  Could be .22 lr, 12 gauge, 250 savage what ever, as long as it was something.  Hell even a pound of some FFFF or primers or IMR powder or bow yeah you get the point.

Well the tribe is reporting in Western PA that Dunhams, Walmart and gun shops all around have nothing but dust bunnies and cob webs on the ammo shelves when it comes to the basics.  Any Mag fed rifle is gone regardless of price and it is not known when those vacant spots on the shelf will be supplied.  Essentially if you didn't get one, it is unknown when you will.  I advised friends and others to go and buy before this debacle.  I encouraged to not get lavish with grips and things and concentrate on mags and ammo first.  The reality of what could be is what the reality is now.

.22lr gone.
.223/.556 gone.
Mags gone and so on.
.45 acp has taken another rise in price.
Price of 100 count 12 gauge 8 shot has gone up a couple bucks.  Still a lethal projectile when mixed with some ingenuity such as cut shells

I feel now more than ever a networking needs to take effect and the leap of faith in trusting one another, which is a hard thing these days, is now 100% apparent.

When practicing at the local range, grab your spent casings or have the courtesy to ask those that are going to throw them away if you can have them.  Even if you don't own that caliber grab them.  If SHTF and you cross someone in your future that has that caliber and reloading supplies, you now have the potential to make ammo.  If you don't reload, start learning.  I have never in my life reloaded and now I am 100% intrigued.  Find someone in your network to teach you.   

Should you heat your home with gas or electric switch gears to learn how you could possible use wood.  If you have a well, switch gears to learn how to access that well with a hand pump and so on.  The little things of small prepping versus large scale are now becoming clear.  If you are not planning to make it to Idaho , then hopefully you are networking accordingly to plan your survival.   

There are PatCons scheduled.  My fear is that we wont have the time to meet one another.  Should shit not hit the fan, I encourage you to get to any PatCon if able.  The one on my radar is in May and is in North Carolina.  I encourage you to go.  Brock and his gang will show you what southern hospitality truly means and you might learn a thing or two, even if you are a "Good Yankee".  NC PatCon should be on your 2013 Goal List.   A 2013 New Year's Resolution so to speak.

Lastly, if you are in Western PA or Eastern OH, there are some gun shows coming up soon.  I fear it will not be worth the admission, but you never know.  I intend to go to both of these.  If you want to meet up at one and exchange some info, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form on the right of The Steel Ibeam.

2013 Gun Shows
(Update: This weekend in Washington, PA January 12, 13 is also a Gun Show)

Stay safe.

In Liberty,

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