Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bad Things, Good People

Every day that goes by, bad things happen to good people.  Some days it is close to home and affects us directly, and some days it affects us indirectly.  The current stir regarding more stringent gun laws is becoming the snow flake at the top of the mountain that eventually will cause the avalanche.  Let us break this down from NY to NJ to DC.

NY as we know it crammed it's invasive and unconstitutional law down its constituents throat this past week.  The law calls for a ban on magazines for both rifle and pistol with a limit on the magic number 7.  Seems fair right?  WRONG!  DEAD FUCKING WRONG!  Limit to 7 rounds damn near wipes out 90% + semi-auto hand guns out of the market.  Kimber Manufacturing is located in Yonkers, NY.  It is a shame that NY has royally fucked over there own commerce within its borders.  It is a blatant outright attack against hard working tax payers of NY to be limited in their rights of protection while Mayor Doomberg, Gubnar Cuomo and all their cronies have the ability of armed protection at the tax payers expense whilst royally fucking their constituents in the ass with the recent law.

NY not only has attacked the magazine capacity of the pistols, but the rifles as well.  Even the most simplistic rifle such as the Ruger 10/22 is dead in the cross hairs under this bill.  The Semi-auto rifle has a small 8-round mag.  Hmmn?  Eight you say?  Yes, eight.  I know.  I own one.  As for the AR platform, the carefully crafted law essentially makes it almost impossible to own one.  Prior to Tuesday, the 3 items notated below could be on the rifle.  BUT ONLY TWO of those 3.
  1. Flash Hider
  2. Bayonet Lug
  3. Collapsible Stock  
Now under the new law, you can only have one.  Let's think logically about this rifle cause there is an underlying issue here that is being missed.  The items above are a smoke screen.  Here is why.
  • Bayonet lug?  Fine, take it off and get a gas block.
  • Collapsible stock?  Fine, get a fixed stock.
  • Pistol grip?  What the fuck are you talking about? It's a rifle, not a pistol.  How else will you grip it?  Some how, some way some one will develop a stock like that of a deer rifle or shotgun I guess. 
  • Flash Hider? Hmmn?  This is where the loophole is.  Most AR's are mid length.  We all know that if you remove the flash hider from a 16" AR, if you can as most are welded or pinned, the barrel length now becomes 14 1/2 inches in length.  And that folks is 100% illegal since now your AR is a Short Barrel Rifle.  If caught, you will be facing even more issues.

The AR and the ban in NY, is an outright magic bullet to remove many guns from the hands of law abiding citizens period!  The heinous act committed by any person in the public, whether it is semi-auto or not, is still an act committed by someone who is not following the law.  The majority of you reading this own something that is under the current scrutiny.  You nor I would ever think to commit what happened in CT or CO or anywhere.  Why?  Because we follow the law.

Now in the case of NJ and DC, I am going to throw these two into the same realm.  There are things that Christie has come out to say against the NRA ad, there is the press conference of Zero and Lie-Den with children as their shields and there is the NRA ad in question.  Lately, my view on the NRA has not been good.  What part of "Shall not be infringed" are you protecting regarding these bans that are happening?  Anyways, I held back the vomit during this video of Zero and Lie-den.  For over 20 minutes I sat and festered and shook with anger.  How dare Zero even have the aduacity to speak of Ronald Reagan.  If Ronnie was alive, he smack your lie spewing mouth and put you in the corner.  During the video, note when he mentions how his agenda would protect things like the Chicago shooting from happening.  REALLY?!  What fucking planet are you from Zero?  Chicago, more importantly Illinois, is a BLACK state when it comes to gun rights.  It has almost zero gun rights and yet, you bring that to light as to protect against?  Law abiding citizens cant do anything in Chicago so therefor, your new Executive Orders must pertain only to the criminals then right?  Oh, criminals don't follow the law, and neither do you sir!


The NRA launched its ad regarding Zero and other elitists children and the fact that if they can have armed personnel at their children's schools, why cannot "We The People" have the same protection for ours?


Christie came out to attack the NRA ad stating that the video is "reprehensible".  Really Christie?  Is the ad reprehensible?  Just because you and all politicians work for We The People, what gives you the fucking right to have your children guarded?  What makes your child more important than mine?  You and the other Constitution stomping mongrels in these United States are out of line and should be held in high contempt.

It is a shame that this is what We The People have to represent us.  When you swore to uphold the Constitution, did you really understand what that meant?  

In Liberty,

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