Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anonymity and Cowards: Stand Your Ground III%'ers!

Back in September of 2012, I wrote a post titled School Yard Blues in regards to whose Patriotism is greater than another.  I am writing today to rally with my III Brothers and III Sisters to make the following statement.

"I will NEVER back down from fully supporting the III Community, III Arms, III Citadel or any affiliation that has to do with Kerodin, the Founders or any Patriot new or old as long as those mentioned continue to have merit and do unto me as I would do unto them."

I do not have the luxury of time to go chase an enigmatic path that you lay out Mike Vanderboegh to unravel your past since I am a working man and based on what I know, you like most of the FSA, need me to continue working in order to get by.  Happiness in slavery comes to mind for those like you and the FSA, for it is those that live off of handouts that are the slaves of society.  To think slavery was abolished is a farce.

As for Kerodin, he makes it quite simple for me to choose a trustworthy man since he never once hid from anything.  Key word and emphasis on "man".  His approach towards me has never been hostile, ignorant, deceitful or anything derogatory.  He has never once hidden behind anyone or anything regarding any and all of my questions or statements directly or indirectly towards him or the III Community.  You however have indirectly attacked me.  Your spewing of lies based on what I believe in and have invested into is pure ignorance and outright jealousy.  That is what affects me.  I and my family are one of the Founders to III Arms Company.  I do not make that statement to boast, I make that statement to state you are fucking with my life.  I may add, so not to be selfish, you are also fucking with the lives of others who just want rightful Liberty, our Natural Law, which is why I write these words today.

I, Israel and The Steel Ibeam, as today as it has been in my past, will continue to fall in rank with Sam, III Community, III Arms, III Citadel, Founders as well as any new or old Patriot based on my statement above.  Those like you Mike that plan to destroy this project or spew negativity without learning of the project are not welcome in my circle.  Those that hide behind "anonymous" on the blogs that are too ashamed to come out and be counted or will not take the time to define themselves and stand for their negative opinion are not welcome in my circle and will be treated as I or the III Arms Community has been treated.

It is quite a shame that parts of society that claim to be III% are no far better than the tyrannic treasonous fools of the past and present.  If you claim to be III%, better do your homework on what it truly means.  If it means slander to your fellow III%, then maybe the sickle and hammer is more your trademark.

In Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness,


hiswiserangel said...

I need to take lessons from you and wirecutter on how to take a manly stand. I took mine, it just wasn't hard enough.

The Steel Ibeam said...

My dear Angel, there is no lesson to be had since standing your ground is an act of manliness, or in your case prowess. Taking that stand regardless of actions or words is enough to be considered regardless of how colorful or direct the words are.

In Liberty,