Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AK versus AR versus Mosin

First and foremost.  Thank you to Lewis Wetzel for the laugh yesterday regarding what I am about to share with you.  Second, thank you "Ezra Coli" and for painting the perfect picture verbally of the differences.

Well in all my years have I never found something so funny relating to the facts of the AK, AR and Mosin.  I am sure some of you in the community have already seen this.  But for those that have not, please check the link Here:  Humorous Comparison

I must admit that when I got to the Mosin column, all I could think about was Zoomie and his ATI/bolt cutter incident with his Mosin and, no offense Zoomie, I could not stop laughing through the column knowing of your post regarding said Mosin.  (BTW, hope all is back to normal with the Mosin)

Enjoy the laughter above Patriots whilst we can.  In the end, its all we will have left to break the chains of monotony.  Also, we must remember that you can not have Manslaughter without laughter.


Crab Claw, Pot Rim Haiku

Today is the day
Where my life begins anew
The weight has risen

Crab Pot full of crabs
One crawled out, who will follow?
I will be drunk next


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Debate Debacle

"So did ya watch the Presidential debates?" is what I have heard lately from my friends.  From the first debate to the last I heard this question asked time and time again.  UGH!  Really?!  Is that what I need to hang my hat on?  Two blatant liars, two sides (same side actually), and the topics that really matter are not brought up?  So enlighten me.  Tell me why I should have watched the debate again?

It took me 38 years, 38 damn years that I will never get back to realize the truth.  Its a setup. You all have been duped on either side.  I was.  I admit it.  Have you heard the phrase, "drinking the kool-aid"?  I am sure you have and if you are reading my blogs you probably use that phrase at least once a month.  Now let me ask you a question.  How do you keep deceitful treasonous acts against your Liberty without you realizing you are no longer free?  Its simple.  You lie. 

Digress Alert

There is a book.  Its a small book.  For those that know me, you know I hate reading.  I can read, but most of the time it puts me to sleep.  The book is titled "How do you kill 11 Million People by  Andy Andrews.   It can be acquired on Amazon by Kindle, Hardcover etc.  Its small, its cheap and worth the read regardless what side of the fence you claim your future to be.  The only one thing I disagree with the author on is "Lincoln", but that topic is for a different day.

Digression over

So yes you lie.  You make the lies simple as well as pit sides against one another.  Union versus Non-Union, Military/LEO versus Civilian, Republican versus Democrat, black versus white and so on and so on.  Its almost like a game.  You have two sides, one will be a victor as that is how games work.  However there is a hidden player on the board or field or whatever you want to call it.  This hidden player has its own set of rules but you are too busy chasing "Causes" that you do not see the rules in plain sight by this hidden entity.  Some call this the "Sparklies" or "shiny objects".  Like a moth to the flame, the general consensus like lemmings follows their leader off the cliff.  The hidden rule?  The leader always has a parachute and you do not.

I have heard so many people say we got to be Conservative, we got to be Tea Party, we got to be <insert new team name here> and so on.  We will go for these rights.  Well the way I see it, we are all entitled to an opinion.  It is "We the People" after all.  Like in the Patriot community in the past couple months, there has even been a backlash there.  Hence the blog I wrote called Schoolyard Blues.  The population of These United States of America is almost at 313 million.  You mean to tell me that the 545 liars that were appointed by US for US can not be held in check?  I love how it takes an election for people to come out and play the game.  I also love how a tragedy like 9/11 or the hunt for Saddam and Bin Laden has caused people to come out and play the game.

At the NRA convention in Pittsburgh, PA, Ted Nugent said it best.  Essentially he said call your representatives.  Call them so much that when the secretary states who is on the phone, you can hear the representative in the background say, "Oh no, not that guy again."  Call them so much that they know who you are.  They know you have a family.  They know all about you because you are up their ass all the time.  Now you may ask, "Well Israel, do you do this?  Have you called?"  My answer is I have not done enough.  But then again, by the looks of it, it seems we all have not done enough.  I have called, I have emailed, hell we even went to Harrisburg for a Pennsylvania 10th Amendment rally.  As you can see, nothing happened with the good ol' keystone state in regards to state sovereignty.

Sometimes I as well as you probably feel like Sisyphus.  Now matter how many times we push that boulder up the hill, we continuously watch it roll back down only to do again and again.  I don't have the answers to what to do anymore than some of my readers.  I will not pretend to have them as well.  But like many that will go to the polls like cows to slaughter, we are faced with "What game piece am I going to use today".  Once you play that piece, will you continue to keep it in check, or will you only come to the stadium when it seems fit?  This is a hard question to answer because in my opinion, the game will not let you into the stadium because life does not stop for us just so we can keep politicians in check.

So do yourself a favor on November 6, 2012.  Go vote.  Make it count.  Pick what you feel is the lesser of two evils.  Pick the one who lies the least.  I read somewhere that its like a coin.  On one side is heads, the other is tails, but in the end its still the same coin.  Just because you pick a side, doesn't mean you have to side.  I get it.  But sometimes when we don't have anything to go for, we have to suck it up and act accordingly.  After you vote, go be a part of the "National Buy a Gun Day".  Should you choose to buy a gun on 11/6/2012, might I recommend looking into placing an order with III Arms Company.  If you don't know the premise behind III Arms Company, I can point you in the direction to make it clear.  Matter of fact, on the right side of this blog is all the contact points you need.  But you, the voter, the purchaser, must understand the premise behind III Arms Company.  It is YOU that comprise the "We The People".  It is YOU that will defend your ground or become a slave.  The choice has and always will be yours.

In Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness,

Monday, October 22, 2012

(S)Election Haiku

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick
Black or white they're both a dick
Voting makes me sick

All in charge will lie
Tyrants R Us their campaign


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pennsylvania Obituary Haiku

Dear Arlen Specter
You deserve to be in hell
You can't change sides now!


Here is to Arlen
May the Devil fuck your ass
You treasonous fool


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NC PatCon - The Post Card

Why the Post Card you wonder?  Cause I wish you were there!  It was amazing!  Even though in a 48 hour period of a fellow Patriot and I spending 22 hours driving, it was beyond worth it. Period!  We were told we were good Yankees "Cause we went back home" as someone said with a smile while shaking my hand.  I wrote a piece over at the III Arms Blog in regards to the PatCon on Saturday, but due to not having an actual computer and using my phone, it was a bitch to say the least.

Let me start by saying if you never met Brock in person, you are missing out.  His graciousness to host such a stellar event was remarkable.  The location of the event was almost like a dream.  A dream where I didn't want to wake up.  Cotton fields as far as I could see with the canopy of pecan trees set the landscape.  To top off this wondrous location, the focal point was the late 1700's farm house that adorned the property.  I recall waking Saturday morning after about 3 maybe 4 hours of sleep to the sound of other Patriots.  We all began to mingle and meet over coffee.  As my co-pilot for the trip (we will call him Lewis) and I began to introduce ourselves, I noticed something about the Southerners.  They had their guard up just a little with their mannerisms.  Rightfully so.  First off, we drove 11 hours from Pennsylvania to be there.  Second off we were at a PatCon.  Third, we were indeed Yankees.  Lewis and I did not and will not take offense to being called a Yankee.  We get it.  It was the topic of a few conversations but we had nothing to hide.  By the evening, we were swapping stories, carrying on and drinking by the camp fire.  Needless to say, come Sunday morning when we broke camp, there was a lot of hand shaking.  A lot of heart felt goodbyes.  A lot of looking each other in the eye and getting that sense that I am here for you.

Saturday the Itinerary
Saturday from beginning to end seemed like it took an eternity to get through while being there, but looking back now, it went by so fast.  As stated we had the meet and greet.  Then around 0900, the infamous canary yellow Ford came up the road.  III Arms was finally there with the prototypes.  While I was excited to see them, I wanted to make sure I went around meeting people at the camp site.  I figured I would eventually see the prototypes, but I felt it better served III Arms if I stayed at the camp site since many people had no clue what III Arms was, or why they were there.  Let alone two Pennsylvanians claiming to be Founders.  I tried to educate others as much as I could before the unveiling of III Arms.  Eventually more and more Patriots arrived.  Eventually we made our way over to the III Arms table where indeed the conversation became inquisitive and fulfilling.  Jim handled and maintained professionalism, courtesy and answered every question that was asked.  Since I seen there were three of us Founders, we fielded questions by others on the outside of the circle at the table.  From beginning to end, whether you were a Founder or the President of III Arms, all questions were handled accordingly throughout the day.

The PatCon Started with a Prayer and rightfully so.  We were all so blessed to arrive safely and be beside one another as Patriots.  Tables and chairs were set up under a tent and the itinerary for the day began.  Michael Downing spoke of the "Status of Threats".  Toward the end of his presentation, he was cut short by Q&A, but I noticed what he wrote and never got to state.  It was one word.  "RESIST"

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum spoke of Natural Law and the meaning of your rights under that law.  Dr. Dan was a very intellectual and passionate man.  In his time slot, I received a wealth of information regarding books and insight to individual Liberty.  There was some time slots that got rearranged, but for the most part the organizers kept the PatCon on course.  Jim Miller (Millerized) spoke about III Arms.  As stated before he handled all questions and conducted himself in a professional manner.  Based on his attire, he came looking like the President of III Arms and handled himself accordingly.

If you never met Hans Mentha, you are missing out on one serious radio and comms guru.  This man started out talking about tools required by placing a series of different types of hammers on the table.  Since I am a techie, I tried my best to follow along.  Needless to say, I was lost.  His vast knowledge of radio and comms blew my mind out of the water!  With his collapsible home made antenna pictured above, he was able to broadcast and demonstrate the differences is in his gear based on what or where he needed to broadcast too.  He also had quite a few unique tricks he shared with us regarding baby monitors.  Hans supplied us all with a front and back data sheet of anything and everything radio to get ourselves started.

Lunch was provided and let me tell you that aside from the extra protein (nats), the food far exceeded my expectations.  If that's what my $20 went to, then I got off easy with what Brock ordered for us troops.  After lunch we had the door prizes raffled off.  Coming to the PatCon got you one ticket.  You could buy 5 tickets for 5 bucks and if you had a concealed permit, you then received an extra ticket.  The prize table was unexpected.  Mr. Kerodin sent down a plethora of III Gear such as a III Flag, III Hats, III Ka-bar and so on.  There was a Semi-Auto 12 gauge, a stocked medic bag, dietz oil lantern, food preps etc.  Had I known there was that many door prizes, I would have bought more tickets.  None the less, it was great seeing the smiles on the Patriots and the excitement to each prize won.

After lunch the Afternoon was a blur.  Maybe cause my tiredness caught up to me as I took a walk on the grounds to clear my head.  It was almost information overload.  I couldn't believe I was at such a wonderful event.  At one point, I recall tears of pride welling up in my eyes to be blessed to be part of such a wonderful event.  I didn't really catch the remainder of the afternoon of speakers.  Its not that I didn't care, its just that I was spent from driving, lack of sleep and needed to move around.  During my "moving around" I spoke with the winner of the shotgun.  This man, who was there with his 10 year old daughter, was so happy that he won it.  He told me, "Now I can trade my Mossberg in on a 10/22 or 22 pistol for my daughter".  With that statement, I felt he more than deserved to win that fine piece of engraved weaponry. 

Eventually as my conversations with others continued, the last presentation came.  This was Medical Training.  The training was about an hour and a half long for those who signed up early, but you could sit or stand on the outskirts and listen.  This ram course was cut down from a typical 5 day course into that hour and a half.  There was enough information in that hour and a half to make my head spin once again.  After this course, that was the end of the PatCon from a speaker stand point.  Then it happened.  Everyone started to pack up and leave.  I recall looking puzzled at Lewis wondering why everyone would leave.  I would have thought that being around other Patriots, you would want to grow and flourish with contact information of others over the camp fire.  At the point of people leaving, I began to question as to whether or not there would indeed even be a camp fire that night.

Well needless to say, there was a campfire.  I would say it was not the majority of the people that were there during the day, but it was enough to make it interesting.  There was some good conversations, some deep conversations, and some conversations that damn near made you fall off the chair laughing.  It was a damn mighty fine time to be alive.  On the drive home, Lewis and I talked about our weekend.  We talked about the good ol' boys of the South and how lucky we were to meet them amongst other things.  As tired as we were, silence was absent for our 11 hour drive home.  Its good to be a Patriot and its damn good to be surrounded by other Patriots.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Walter Zoomie Rocks!

Well due to me being a procrastinator, I had to pay extra for shipping but none the less I will not be naked tomorrow at the NC PatCon.  My customized Walter Zoomie T-shirt arrived on my desk this afternoon just 3 hours before my departure south.

 I am thankful for Zoomie's support to all my questions prior to ordering the shirt.  He was able to assist me via email in the customization process.  Thank you Zoomie!  If you want to wear your support for the III and help support one of the III's artists, then click on the link below.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

III Arms Prototypes - It Has Begun!

As I sit here at my kitchen table tonight, I anxiously await for tomorrow's work day to end so that I may begin my 10 hour drive south to the NC PatCon.  Saturday is going to be one hell of a day with the itinerary of events.  One of those events will be the unveiling of the III Arms Prototypes.  Mr. James Miller has gone above and beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to shake this man's hand, look him in the eye and tell him well done sir.  I was over on Facebook trolling through updates and low and behold that is when it hit me.  I have just witnessed three acts of beauty.  A beauty that not only as I gazed upon them and got goose bumps, I got goose bumps because of what III Arms symbolizes.  Still a non-believer?

Then it is with great pride and gratitude to be part of the III Arms Company that I give you this.

Right and Left Side III Arms 1911 - CADD engraved grips and slide

Camouflaged AR-15 Upper - CADD engraved

Camouflaged AR-15 Lower - CADD engraved

Black AR-15 Upper - CADD engraved

Black AR-15 Lower - CADD engraved

As stated I will be at the NC PatCon and so will these works of art.  This is you.  This is me.  This is us the III!  If you haven't done so, please check out the III Arms links on the right side of The Steel Ibeam.  It is your source to everything going on with III Arms.  Get involved.  Get Motivated.  Show your support Patriots!  In the weeks to come, there will be information in how to purchase a Patriot built rifle or pistol.  Built by Patriots for Patriots.  November 6, 2012 will not only be one hell of a voting day, but it is also National Buy a Gun Day.  Show your support and order a III Arms rifle and or pistol.

In Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Aid - Squashing a spider with a ten pound sledge

Well we all know a boo boo happens.  Sometimes they can be bad, sometimes not so bad.  None the less a first aid kit is essential to your pack.  If you are reading my blog, chances are you have a Go Bag, Ruckus Bag, SHTF Bag or <insert name here> Bag.  What ever you call it, it should have some level of a first aid kit.  Some people just go with the IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) typically sold online or at gun shows.  This little kit has some good stuff in it and typically comes in a pouch of some sort with MOLLE attachment capabilities.  However, there are things out there that could go beyond the IFAK.

In my case, I am allergic to bee stings.  (yay lucky me right?)  I have an epi-pen.  Here is a bit of advice.  If you have allergic reactions that require an epi-pen, then request from your doctor a double epi-pen kit.  When I go to my doctor, I request 2 double epi-pen kits which yields a total of 4 epi-pens.  If they ask you why, tell them you want one at home, one in your laptop bag and one in your locker and one as a spare in case you have to use it.  With this in mind, I have one or more.  The image below does not include the epi-pen, but I feel its something to share with you in case the need would arise for one.

The title of this post is "Squashing a spider with a ten pound sledge" for a reason.  Some of you are going to look at the image below and say its over kill.  <Ahem> Over kill would constitute a defibrillator in my opinion.  In any event, my pack is my pack not yours.  I have to carry it not you.  But know this, unless you are in my tribe this first aid is strictly for me.  Should you require medical assistance, then you should have one similar on your person for me to assist you.  If you do not, then unfortunately that is your problem.  I know it seems harsh, but logically if I use mine for you and something happens to me within hours or days, then what do I use on me?

Here is the Sledgehammer
  • Has 4 points of MOLLE attachment, drawstring top and plastic buckle clasp.  This is like the shoulder pouches you see on a Large ACU Ruck Sack.  I have taken electrical tape and identified it with red and white markings so that it clearly sticks out in my pack when grabbing for it.

  • The Contents
1. Tissues
2. Potassium Iodide Tablets
3. 2 - Israeli Compression Bandages
4. 2 - Mylar Blankets
5. 5 - Med Maxi Pads, Liquid Skin, Tape, Gauze and Sugar
6. IFAK (Improved First Aid Kit)
7. First Aid for Soldiers Book
8. Q-tips, band aids, Powdered Aspirin
9. Emergency Dental Kit
10. Lighter
11. Benadryl
12. Naproxen Sodium
13. 1 Synthetic Suture
14. Surgical Skin Stapler and Staple Remover
15. 10 - Steri Strip Skin Closures
16. Surgical Shears
So like I said, it is my pack not yours.  Like most of my pack it is always changing, but my pack is a SHTF pack.  I just wanted to share the information with you as I have compiled what I want in mine from the likes of others.  Hope you gain a benefit from it and I pray that neither of us ever have to use it.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lynch Mob Required?

If there is one thing that I am finding certain anymore is that people that hold certain positions in the gubbamint are not being held accountable.  There appears to be a looooooooooooooooong drawn out process and in the end nothing happens.  So, is this another shiny object to take our attention away from something more serious?  As a supporter of the Constitution, Eric Holder has the right to Due Process.  Or does he?

Since the NDAA was issued, why not detain him indefinitely?  Why is he so fucking special?  Because he holds a gubbamint job?  So fucking what!  A job is a job!  If I was detained under the NDAA guess what?  I wouldn't be making an income for my family either and my employer would find a replacement.  So Washington, how about you detain Holder under the NDAA(yeah right), find a suitable Patriot to fill the void (yeah right) and move forward?  (again, yeah right)

Its not gonna happen.  Two things as days go by that I am certain of.  They are:
  1. Eric Holder will never be convicted of anything. 
  2. Zero will remain the president.
Pitch forks and torches anyone?