Friday, August 31, 2012

September 1st, International Bacon Day

This weekend and this weekend only on you can get your Bacon Skyline T-Shirt

"Ever look up at a fiery sunset and thought, MMMMmm Bacon?" ~TG

So take that Muslim Brotherhood!  Get yer slab tomorrow and get a shirt that says, "Fuck yeah I like pork products!"

Speaking of pork products, while your at it.  Go here for your gun cleaning needs that also support the cause of adding pork to someones diet.   Silver Bullet Gun Oil

Remember Patriots, only you can prevent....Wait

I mean only you can have your pork and eat it too!


Meat Shield

 I will set the stage.

Three of us go to lunch, I drove.  I own a two door so someone is riding shotgun and the other is in the back seat.  I parked by a Ford Exploder (yes I said Exploder because I hate Fords.  Don't fucking judge me.)  Any ways as my two friends disembark from our lovely drive in the Subway parking lot, some woman, who obviously got the new Kellogg's breakfast cereal with piss already in it, is standing waiting for my two friends to get out.  The look of "you are really fucking my time schedule up" on her face was prominent.  So I said jokingly, "Its a clown car."  She did not find this amusing so she repeats, "Yeah it is a clown car." Too which my friend replies, "Are you calling us clowns?"  She was very short and snide and wanted to get in her car since we already disrupted her day by 10 seconds and she said, "No."

I hate the people in this area.  So consumed by their "ME ME ME" attitudes and self entitlement.  I used to let them get under my skin.  I did this until I had my epiphany.  Now I just look at them and smile with knowing that I will be okay.  Why you ask?  It is quite simple.  The sooner you realize that the amount of meat shields that encompass you on a daily basis, the more relief you have in knowing you are gonna make it out okay one way or the other.

Meat Shield


Burn Mother Fucker Burn

Gonna start something new on The Steel Ibeam.  Its fun, its quizzical. 

Welcome to the world of Haiku!


Yes I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, "But Israel, you already produced a WONDERFUL haiku in honor of Ted Kennedy and his sobriety."  Why yes, yes I did, but after having lunch with my like minded brothers, I decided the time has come to begin a haiku path.

Upon looking out our break room window, we see a pickup truck.
With a plastic liner.
With about a 2 1/2 gallon red plastic gas can in the middle of the bed on its side.

Now, knowing what we know about gas, vapor and static electricity the end results could be pretty bad.  As Seen Here.

As you can see, there are reports of fires with plastic gas cans in the bed of pickups with plastic liners due to static electricity build up.  Hence this haiku.

Spark Ignite Boom BURN
Plastic can, plastic liner
Charred carcass you are


Strippers and Brass Have More Than One Thing In Common

 So some strippers like brass poles.  My strippers like brass casings. 

In my personal opinion, every ammo tin should have one of these.  I used to use the stripper clips with the metal counter part that went on the mag until I got tired of my hand getting cut on the stripper clip every once in awhile.  (guess bullshit and strippers while at the range don't mix).

My buddy got one of these.  Matter of fact he got two and gave me one.  I thought at first, "Yeah a piece of plastic. HA!  This thing wont last long at all."  On the contrary, this does everything it was designed to do which is save my thumb.  Even though this little guy will work well with strippers, adapt to several different type of magazines on the market, it will also allow you to loose load 10 rounds without the stripper.  Which is great for Wolf or Tul ammo as steel versus steel in a stripper does not work as well as brass versus steel when trying to load a mag in my experience.

This handy dandy little tool also allows you to quickly unload your mag with the other end and works quite well I may add.

You can get them at Dick's Sporting Goods, Cheaper Than Dirt, Amazon, etc.  At under $30 this is a thumb saver and I have loaded well over a thousand rounds with mine and it still keeps working as designed.


I Never Knew

So Google is my homepage.  I like the little fun facts that I see some days when firing up my browser and seeing what Google has to offer.  However today I learned that an adult toy was 142 years old!

So Maria Montessori is 142 years old today.  Hope I live to be that old.  She was a physician and educator in Math, Science and Anatomy.  So I understand the puzzles in Google's picture regarding Math, Science and education, but I guess its the anal beads that pertain to anatomy? 

Now, before you judge me for posting this today please remember that in my world, it is "Foul Mouth Friday" so consider that my warning.  Also remember that what I see and view is typically outside the norm of what other people see.  I do this for a laugh.

Remember kids, you gotta laugh every once in a while.  Even if it is laughing maniacally as you empty your magazine.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

M4 / M16 Bolt & Carrier Tool

There is a sale to members at Primary Arms on the AR 15 Tool - Bolt & Carrier Carbon Scraper Tool.  Currently these go for the price of $29.95 which was the price I paid last year when I picked mine up.  I am glad I did regardless of that price.  Currently to members, and the membership is free, you can get this tool with their current Labor Day Sale that is going on until Midnight PST on September 3rd for the sale price of $22.99.  There is a limit to 2 per household. 

This tool fits perfectly in the carrier to assist with carbon removal as well as the other end fits the radius perfectly on the bolt.  Its small and light weight enough for me to keep on my person with my OTIS kit for my AR and with a little bore cleaner, clean up is as easy as turning the tool.  In my opinion this tool is pretty handy for any gas impingement AR -15 owner.


Cubicle Boredom

Ahhhh, nothing like a monotony breaker in the ol'cubicle to make me smile.  I was looking at the blue sky out my window when I noticed the blind string could use a fixer up.  So I did what any prepper would do and practiced my knot skills.  Taking the comedy and wit of Zoomies World with the K-Bar, I decided to make the following.

Mess with Sam, get hung around the neck.

It is quite funny when a co-worker asks, "Where did you learn to tie a noose?"  To which I replied, "It isn't so much of where, its a question of when."  We can all learn how to make knots.  The internet, libraries, Cub Scouts, Military training, or even JROTC in high school will teach you these skills.  I have always been fascinated by the noose and wanted to know how it worked.  Well I learned a long time ago at the age of 14.

The noose is an awesome knot and concept, but my favorite knot of all is the bowline knot.  I like this knot cause after towing a truck out using this knot, I can then untie it without cutting my rope.  I use the bowline for everything such as securing cargo in the back of the truck, or even just an attachment point where I intend to untie it in the future.

Ever heard of a Dragon Bowline?  HA! Neither did my Sargent in JROTC.  However he did not share my comedic performance when I first showed him a bowline knot, then proceeded to let the knot lay on the ground as I dragged the knot across the floor calling it a "Dragon (draggin) Bowline"  The result, yup you guessed it, I was in the front leaning rest position for awhile and told to stay that way while I think about my actions.  (I still thought it funny)  I then was finally given permission to begin my push-ups and upon finishing and stating, "Thank you for conditioning my mind and my body, permission to recover sir!"  My ol' Sargent stated, just stay there for awhile.  Note to self back then was Sarg wasn't a jokester, I now knew this as my arms began to shake from staying in this position for about 5 minutes now.  Finally Sarg gave the order and I was allowed to recover.  I think the kick in the balls was, after class was done, he started to laugh and said, "cadet that was pretty good."

The key was that even though I made him laugh, the draggin bowline took away from his time in the class and had to make me an example to the other cadets not to waste his time during class.  Lesson learned Sarg.  From that day until now.  Sarg where ever you are, thank you for conditioning my mind and my body!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Kindle Book Today: Vertical & Container Gardening

Today only, free Kindle book at Amazon for those of you that have an account.

Vertical and Container Gardening


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

III to III - Today, Tomorrow and Forever

It is with sorrow, sympathy and prayer that I type these words.  I think the reason this hits me hard is because when I think of the relationship I have with my Father and Mother and if I were to lose them, I don't know how I would react.  I cannot imagine my life with out either of them.  Life tends to polish those fundamentals that are instilled upon us by our parents and both of mine have been a huge influence in making me the man I am today.

If you follow the III percent blogs (Wirecutter, III percent etc.) you will know that Wirecutter lost his Father.  May God shed his light on Kenny and his family.


III to III Forever

Friday, August 17, 2012

Under What Pretense?

Fact:  While you were sleeping, working or toasting to a resolution for 2012, Zero signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on 12/31/2011.

Indefinite military detention without charge or trial.  The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people.

Did you digest that?  Good.  Now I am trying not to jump to conclusions.  I am not for or against this yet as I don't know enough about it.  I know I will not see this on the news.  Why would I?  It's not important right?  You can go to here on YouTube to hear the story: Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook Posts

The arrest here: Arrested for FB Posts

Not sure how long this will be up on the Tube, but for now those are the links above.  I have not seen the posts, I do not know this man, but the story intrigues me to say the least.


Dont got one? Then get one!

As we all know, the world is not perfect.  So what does one do about it?  You prepare.

Water, food and Shelter, right?

You prepare for those things that are not perfect.  You make a little sacrifice in life and maybe buy some more dry food goods with a longer shelf life.  You get a box of ammo every paycheck.  You buy some tablets to make the water drinkable or a water filtering system like a Kataydn pump.  You make sure you have shelter or can make shelter.  You have 3 ways to make fire if necessary and so on.

But what about gas?  Have you seen the images in Greece or any riot for that matter?  Now I am not saying for the ladies to put a mask in your Coach bag.  I am not saying for the men to put one in a pouch attached to your belt for everyday.  What I am saying is that if you have a "Go Bag" or what ever you want to label it, do you have a way to thwart a gaseous attack? 

While at a gun show, I stumbled across two individuals.  I am not going to state his or her name, but we have talked every time I see them at the shows.  Good talks I may add.  They run under the flag C N C Survival Supply.  They got dry goods, solar radios, ammo etc.  They sell an adult Israeli M-15 Gas Mask.  The mask comes as a combo pack.

You get one mask, a 40mm NATO nbc filter, a drinking tube for the mask, and a 32 oz military canteen that has a lid to work with the drinking tube and mask to stay hydrated.  Currently these are $40 and are for sale at the shows they go to for the same price.  They supposedly fit a 10 year old and up, but if you have younger children they offer those too.  They also carry replacement filters.

I have one.  The fit is amazing.  They are brand new with an excellent field of vision for peripheral reasons.  Think of what Spiderman's eyes look like on his mask and that is the shape of the lenses on the adult masks.  I make no money what so ever by advertising this product here. Adult Gas Mask

For those of you that think the world is perfect, disregard this post and don't bother getting your setup fitted with something of this nature.

For those of you that know the world is not perfect, do you have one and if not what are you waiting for?


Hone Your Skills

When the day comes and you have that III Arms Company 1911 in your hand, what better way to train with it than to go to National Shooting Sports Foundation or and print out some free targets!

But in the interim while we all anxiously await the arrival of the III Arms Company 1911's, feel free to go here and train with what you got.

NSSF Free Printable Targets

Left Handed Pistol Target

Right Handed Pistol Target


"Grand Theft, Grand Fraud and Grand Deception"

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself on certain email lists that in the end make me furious.  I try my best to read, digest and let go but that seldom happens.  We all know we need a change.  We all know what we want as Patriots.  It is hard to put faith into another person in the political realm cause after all, they all lie any more.  It appears that none are elected, but rather selected.  My email inbox had a great article written by Bob Livingston in lieu of an email from Absolute Rights.


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To 5.7 Percent
By Bob Livingston

In February 2009, Congressional Democrats (with three quasi-Republican enablers in tow) solved America’s unemployment problem and financial woes by passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

This act ordered the Federal Reserve to print hundreds of billions of new dollars for President Barack Obama to throw into the air to, we were told, create jobs for Americans, provide temporary relief for those most affected by the recession and invest in infrastructure, education, health and so-called “green” energy projects. The total cost of this Keynesian boondoggle was to be $787 billion.

Obama’s transition team promised in an impact statement that if the ARRA were passed, unemployment — which stood at 7.8 percent at Obama’s inauguration — would be down to 5.7 percent by May 2012. A funny thing happened on the way 5.7 percent: nothing. The “official” May unemployment number was 8.2 percent. This was predictable and predicted.

Forty-two months have passed since the official unemployment rate was below 8 percent. This has not happened in America since the Great Depression. According to a report by the Congressional Budget Office, ARRA will cost a total of $831 billion by 2019. What was gained by the expenditure of this money? Between 200,000 and 1.5 million jobs, according to the report.

In other words, ARRA created jobs at a cost of between $554,000 and $4.1 million each.
The notion that the Federal government spent $800 billion to create jobs is classic doublethink. If the money had to be spent — a false notion — there were certainly better ways to use it.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income is $51,914. If the goal was to employ people, more than 16 million could have been employed to do nothing — or many things — if they each were paid the median household income. This is more than the total number of Americans unemployed (12.7 million), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Although couched in altruistic terms in order to deceive the American people into buying the lie, the money was used to reward corporatocracy — Wall Street, the banksters, large corporations that own American government and Obama campaign donors — not to stimulate recovery.

This is fascism in the name of democracy.

Understand this: The so-called stimulus package was a myth, as was the 2008 bailout package. The stated reasons for these packages were myths. Any statements by politicians that they have concern for the American people are falsehoods.

What we have is grand theft, grand fraud and grand deception. That is not a myth.

The real issue of the empire of intrigue is sucking the savings out of the American people by seductively watering their U.S. dollar accounts. This is not a myth. There is no historical equal.
The greatest tragedy of all is that the American people — the victims of this financial massacre — somehow, someway believe that this rape and the transfer of their savings and retirement to the system is good business. A more sober group of people would see this masquerade as a slaughter of their blood-bought assets and as no less than total war.

But the political elites continue to pile on. They are using weapons of mass deception.

CNBC reports that banks are being pressured to buy up government debt. It has been going on for years. What does this mean?

It means there is a time bomb fast ticking toward zero. Its explosion will be horrific.

There now seems no way to stop it. It is creating a new debt bubble that will rival the derivatives fiasco.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered what the mainstream media described as a stern warning to Washington to act more aggressively on debt reduction and fiscal responsibility. There is no appetite for that in Washington — or anywhere else.

The European Union is in crisis. Greece is on the verge of collapse. Spain is stalling for time. French citizens just elected a socialist who promises to double down on the policies that got the French economy in trouble to begin with. Germany will soon financially rule Europe.

It is not polite to speak of the EU as Eurosocialism or, God forbid, a neo-Nazism with Germany running the show. Nazi propaganda said, “Next time the world.”

Can we not see how National Socialism (Nazism) evolved through chaos to the New Order? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must be a duck.

The elite rulers of the world have a weakness. They use the same plans over and over. They change only names and propaganda. The people can’t seem to follow the underlying threads because, like children, they get outfoxed by different names and camouflages.

So now even the whole world has been hoodwinked into supporting National Socialism under the name European Union. Do you think that Herr Hitler would love it?

EU leaders call for austerity. No meat and trifling little fat are cut from the bone. Yet those who have for so long received something for nothing riot and strike and destroy. Then progressives point to the chaos in Europe and say, “See what austerity brings?”

What passes for “austerity” in Europe is similar to what passes as “austerity” in America: No one is serious about — or even seriously proposing — cutting government spending. Even suggestions to slow the growth of government spending are met with derision.

The only difference in America and Europe is the sacred cow military-industrial complex, which must continue exponential growth in order to feed Pax Americana.

More than 46 million Americans are on food stamps. Half of all Americans get some form of government assistance. These are all that are staving off “austerity riots” in America.

The next great transfer will be the confiscation of individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s and pension plans to pay down government debt. This will be the last big rape!

When that is gone, chaos and destruction will follow. Out of the ashes will rise a new system, hopefully a sound one on a gold standard. We must first go through the fire.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Morning Coffee Was Salty

Words cannot describe the inner turmoil we go through when we receive bad news about a loved one.  They can maybe soften the blow of reality, but in the end we all know the inevitable will happen.  I did not expect my morning routine to have tears included.  I know of Kenny.  I know of Julie.  I know of the situation at hand, but to hit me the way it did this morning, I did not expect that.  Julie if you are reading any of the blogs that tell your story and how you have made your way into the hearts of the III, you are truly an angel and Heaven sent.

Your aid and comfort from III to III comes to the III community as a blessing.  I pray for others like you in this world.  I pray that when the time comes, God will give me the opportunity, good or bad, to have the fortune to have another person in my life with selfless principles such as yours.

Thoughts and prayers go to Kenny and his family, Julie and Kirk Lane.

Links below for the story. 

III to III, the past

III to III the present

Message from Kerodin



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Take Your Ethanol Mandate and Burn Please

Twice in one day?  Thanks Mike for once again another ray of sunshine.  Truth be told about my friend Mike he is a small town farmer.  He is a simple man with common sense.  A Patriot, as well as a founding member of III Arms Company.  He just wants to be free, he wants to be left alone.

Obviously once you read this article, neither he or anyone is truly free or left alone.  Instead of putting a 6 month or even a year hold on the government's ethanol mandate, the government will cause the scales to tip in their favor (of course), while the farmers and the consumers pay the premium.

Hey Washington!  Fuck your Ethanol projects!

Want cleaner energy?  Put a windmill in your Massachusetts back yard or quit trying to figure out how to get your grubby little fingers on the shale gas or better yet how about you drill here and drill now.  Whoops, guess the last one isn't clean enough.  I mean after all it takes jobs away, causes people to die and affects the migratory and mating habits of the rare one eyed four toed albino lizard cat. (The last sentence was fully supported by the SFA, Sarcastic Foundation of America and I approve their message)

Really?  Just what in the hell is wrong with you?  Green energy is the biggest money making scheme of all times.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying burn the whole planet and pollute it to hell and back, but how long does one have to go along before one has nothing to go along for?  Every day that goes by I am now a firm believer that the word "fuck" was strictly made for the government.  It fits all grammatical facets of its use when talking about the government.

You will find your daily dose of blood boiling here: A beef with the ethanol mandate


Theatre Special Effects

In another post, Stupid Should Hurt a friend of mine (thanks Mike) posted stupidity strikes again with a link to an article.  I felt this article could use its own post.

With the past event of Aurora, CO, or as I like to say "Nobody Cares About Aurora, CO and the tragedy that took place", this story could have taken a drastic turn for the worse.  You see even before the Aurora, CO tragedy, I have a permit for a reason.  Even if its date night at the movies with my lovely wife you bet yer tater tots I am carrying.  Since Aurora, if your situational awareness is not white and you were carrying when this happened, what would you have done? 

Would you have thought, "Oh shit, here we go!  Another crazed gunman in a theatre!" then cleared leather?

I would have to say I would definitely had my wife and I on the ground, cleared leather and acquired target.  If this man got off with just an, "Oops, my bad.  Sorry I pulled a Plaxico Burress and shot myself in the ass.  Carry on with your movie while I seek medical aid" without getting shot, then good for him.

In this day and age of situational awareness, it is tough.  When is the call right?  When do you clear leather to destroy?  Lucky for this guy, he just got his ass beat by his own hand and didn't leave with a toe tag. 

Now in my best "Movie Guy Theatrical Trailer Voice"

This Summer...One Man...One Theatre...One Pistol...One hell of a sore ass!
Coming soon to a screen near you, OW! My ASS!!  rated SSH.


Open Fire

Ahhh yes.  The 11th voice in my head is the title of today's post.

Whilst stumbling along Facebook I came across a unique article from 1995.  While this is over 17 years old, the ideology is not.  Matter of fact it is worse in my opinion.  Since today it seems that our military praises people that would answer "YES" to firing upon American Citizens and retains them as puppets for that day, while other Oath Keeping members would be weeded out by an honorable or dishonorable discharge.

You cant have a military willing to break their oath if they don't think like you do.  Isn't that right all powerful, deceitful, conniving, most wonderful government?

The Article here: Open Fire


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The New Rage?

Ok, I have ink.  I have a lot more than some, but (key word but) I dont beleive I can quite wrap my brain around this one.  Maybe Wirecutter beat me to the chase on this one, if not Wirecutter this one is right up your blogs alley.  As for the girl, its right outside her alley.

Article Here:  Sphincter Tattooing

Video NSFW Below

Stupid Should Hurt

Thanks Lewis Wetzel for the catchy title, yeah you know who you are! 

A good trick I learned while taking the "Out of State Utah Permit" class was when I shook my instructors hand.  I could feel his index finger touch the tendons on the underside of my wrist.  This intrigued me as I have never shook antibody's hand and had that happen.  Part way through the class we had a break.  I decided to ask about the handshake and he said, "You picked up on that did ya?"

I said, "Yes I did, but why?"

He said, "The more training you have with your index finger out of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot, the better."

Interesting concept right?  So I adapted this to my every day routine.  Any handshake, I allow my index finger to go completely straight for the recipients tendons.  As if my finger was pointing right down the rail of my 1911.  It is amazing how much this has helped when practicing clearing leather in a dry fire scenario on random objects such as light switches in my house.  It has also helped with my rifle platform as well.  Is it for everyone?  Who knows, but it has helped me become more safe with the handling of what I got.  So much so, that is why I am sharing.

Now for the fun stuff and yes "Stupid should hurt".  I was sent an email from a friend titled Condition 1. I am not picking on my friend today, but I do feel that the image and the video below is a reality. We all know that once the round is chambered and the safety is off, whatever is at the end of the muzzle is going to be destroyed. You may have seen the photo and the video before. They are two different incidents, but share a common issue which is safety.

For those that cannot see the video, here is the link: Stupid Should Hurt

Now a message to all the Patriots which is best summarized by Sergeant Phil Esterhaus from the TV Show Hill Street Blues, "Hey, let's be careful out there."



Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Hard, ya know?

First and foremost, I apologize.  It is truly difficult running a blog while life happens.  I put a lot of thought into what I want to post and how I want it to come from the heart and if I don't have the time to follow that structure, I wont post it.  Some of you visit here, some have linked to here and some leave comments.  It is gratifying to see the traffic and I appreciate it.  Things have been hectic lately with work and life in general that I have not been on here as much as I would like.  The only thing I can say is I am doing my best.  I don't get paid to blog, nor do I expect to.  I just wanted to put this out there for those of you that stop by on a daily or weekly basis to let you know I am still kicking and The Steel Ibeam is still in effect.  Thank you for stopping by and hope to have some forged steel posts soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Who Needs Speed?

Well if you cant pass them, go over them!

If the embedded video doesn't work, try here: Car Crush

All in all, I like this Deuce.  It could however lose the yellow.  I think you could get the same effect for a logo with a light tan.  I just love watching the tandem at about 1:47 and again at 2:36.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is It Racist?

So, let's play a game.  The game is called, "Is It Racist?"  I know some comedic TV shows do this, but it will be fun.  Here is a pic from August 7, 2012 from Google's Homepage.  It is to represent the 2012 summer Olympics.

 In viewing the above, we see an interactive search with an image that is representational of the Olympics.  But why the certain colors Google?  The ground looks like watermelon and the runner, well is not Caucasian.

This is of course just a point of view from an analytical approach.  I in no way shape or form am trying to spew hate.  I just happened to stumble across this image and thought to myself, "Why?"

Thanks For the Ray of Sunshine LEO

In a previous post, I had spoke about how there is no good news.  There are no heroic stories placarded in a media frenzy for us all to enjoy and stand up and shout, "HOORAY!  Hooray for the good guys!"  I despise the fact that I catch a story like this via email, as opposed to having it saturated throughout the nation.  I could give two shits about keeping up with the Kardashian's or The Housewives (bitches) of <insert a place here> or how much some Jersey Shore slut drank.

I want to see people stand their ground.  I want to see a better America and Televise it, put it on radio, put it on commercials, billboards, the sides of panel trucks and the news papers.  The news I came across today needs to get out there for all knowledge.  To let the good people have faith in their fellow man or woman, and the bad people to start thinking twice because we are becoming aware.  I know, I know, it's just me and a silly dream. 

This video, though great, could have been epic if the stupid news crew left out the LEO's advice.  If you own a gun, you know that anything at the end of the barrel is a target or collateral damage potentially.  You know that you must be willing to destroy what ever that is at the end of the barrel once the trigger is pulled.  LEO's remarks are how to take a great story of standing your ground, and putting doubt in the public to stand their ground.

If it were my news story, the public would have seen it and thought, "This is great, a 65 year old woman stood her ground against 5 men with guns.  I could be that brave.  I could buy a gun.  I could get trained to stand my ground too."

Instead, we have LEO and his ability to put doubt in the public's abilities.  That doubt's thought process is something like this:  "Wow, a 65 year old woman stood her ground against 5 men with guns.  I could be that brave.  I could buy....wait.  Hold on a second there LEO.  Did you say when the rounds go down range you have to be accountable?  Screw that.  I don't think I need to protect myself that bad." 

In watching the video, I did notice a couple things.  At 56 seconds when the 5 thugs are fleeing, did you notice which way the door opens?  Here in PA, the fire marshall would have a field day with that as a door must swing out of an establishment, not inward.  Talk about a brick wall for the thugs.  Guess they didn't do their homework.  Also, at 1:28 notice the one thug rack his firearm.  Again, guess you didn't do your homework.  If you have to rack, you are dead.

I commend this lady for standing her ground at the young age of 65.  I commend her for also standing her ground with a firearm in a piss poor gun law state like that of CA. 

The Story
Jewelry Store Owner Protects Herself and Customers


Monday, August 6, 2012

III Scale

When I saw Wirecutter's story regarding III to III, I began to think down a different path. I began to think of a scale. Where there is always a balance. Where you do not keep score. This is what was in my mind and I have created a rudimentary idea, but none the less this was what I saw in my head.

What say you? Do you like it? I am not sure if it will take the place of the III to III's link graphic on my blog. Maybe instead it will be an additional link to the story. Or maybe it will be mine to put on the side, none the less I am interested to see what you think, or if you can make it better by all means I am open to artistic criticism.  I am not opposed if you take the idea and polish it up with a more robust program.


Defending and Upholding is Hard

When is enough going to be enough?  So we can cater and cower to a religion of peace or as I say, "religion of pieces" but you cannot publicly speak anymore?  For myself, my daily quarrel inside my head is that Islam is a religion.  The constitution grants freedom of religion.  My problem is that these fuckers, by constitutional rights, were given something by Liberty and now it is plaguing our communities with them making up the rules.

Here's a news flash.  The Constitution is the law of the land.  Take your sharia law and any other fucking law you want to taint American soil with and shove it.  Don't like it?  Then go east or west and learn to swim back to the land where your fucked up law is now.

By the way, nice hat.  Did you make that yourself?  My grandmother used to have curtains and wall paper that looked like that.

See the story here
Constitution Down


Stop Pissing on My Head

"You are pissing on my head and telling me that it is raining."

Ever heard that quote?  Did you ever dissect that quote?  I have noticed something in the past decade or so.  Fuel Surcharge this, fuel surcharge that.  Hell back in 1999 when I worked at UPS we had a 10 cent fuel surcharge for packages over the counter.  10 fucking cents!  I thought, what the hell is the fuel surcharge at that time in my life.  Then I went on to be part of a transportation brokerage.  I learned all about fuel surcharges.  I learned all about products.  I learned how to get more blood out of a stone, without having a customer say, "Stop squeezing the stone." 

Most of all, I learned the phrase, "Stop pissing on my head and telling me its raining."

Fuel surcharges or product lessened while the price stays the same or goes higher is like speaking in percentages.  Eventually percentages become so intertwined like a plate of spaghetti noodles that you don't know where the end or the beginning is, but you take it at its face value which is confusing.  Dont tell me to do the math.  EVER!  If you cant give me a concrete number, I dont want what you are offering.  It's like a tax within a tax within a tax... and so on.

My levee broke this weekend as I took a journey to make my first ever batch of homemade brandy wine.  I say brandy, but a friend stated brandy wine.  What ever the nomenclature of what I was going to make, I needed 10 lbs of sugar.  I went to the grocery store and there it was.  The last drop of water to make the levee break.  I grabbed what I thought was a 5lb sack only to realize that this felt smaller.  It looked smaller.  Upon further investigation, I realized this was a 4lb sack being sold at the previous 5lb sack price.  The store didn't sell 10 lb sacks, so I had to buy 3 - 4lb sacks to get my 10 lbs.  WTF?!

Now some people may say WTF in their head, but it was quite comical when those words actually left my mouth in the middle of the aisle of the grocery store.  My PG filter was off.  This was raw animal behavior as I was lashing out at an inanimate bag of sugar cause somewhere, somehow there is a company that in order to survive, must make a bag of less weight but sell it to me at the previous weight.  This was also the store brand, not some Domino bag.  Which I am sure they will follow suit like every other company.

I have been seeing this trend for some time.  Breyers Ice Cream used to come in a Half Gallon.  Now it some fucking Canadian weight measurement, cause unlike Canadians, I still deal in SAE not Metric.  Even my peanut butter has a tapered top of the jar which not only takes a little bit of product out, it is a bitch to get my butter knife in the damn thing.  16.9 oz water bottle?  At a 20 oz price?  WTF?! 

Maybe I titled this post wrong.  Maybe I should have called it WTF?!  Nah, just stop pissing on my head.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Glimpse of Reality

Want a glimpse of reality?  Want to know what it truly means to be part of the III?  A fellow Patriot who is in time of need?  No strings attached?  Then look no further.  A person, close to us all that has shared his views, humor and heart has finally caught this glimpse. It is truly gratifying that I can write this and know of this story.  Wirecutter, I know you are out there and reading (stalking).

As stated on a previous post, I wanted to share the link to the magnitude of what its like in a world where we take care of our own.  Where its ok to have life knock you down and know that in your heart and your mind that somehow, somewhere you are going to be picked back up.  In a place where a person that you may not even know utters the words, "III to IIIer, we take care of our own".

My only hope is that when you read this link below, that it may touch you the way it did to me.  Wirecutter, if you are reading this, may this act spread like a grass fire in a summers drought.

From III to III

In Liberty,

Friday, August 3, 2012


 So in the wake of the past couple of weeks events, or lack there of I have found that the pawns have been lead on the board one square at a time.  I have taken my time to digest the spaghetti fictional facts crammed down our throats by the media.  During this process you can almost watch the demise of mankind as we wait for something better to come along.  The whole process, when I feel duped, reminds me of a quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

"There's a light on this tree that won't light on one side. So I'm taking it home to my workshop, my dear. I'll fix it up there, then I'll bring it back here." ~The Grinch

Like my job, the news is thankless.  There is never praise for something that is good.  Most of the crap we see is never good or spun in such a way that it seems sinister.  Harm is done before the facts are concrete and the torch and lynch parties have already spread like wildfire before we know the true story.  We have become droned to enjoy the faults and persecution of everything from one person to many persons.  We are one step away from a Running Man scenario I swear.

We used to have Due Process.  We used to have the Death Penalty.  But now the legal system has been come so convoluted that even the lawyers don't know what the fuck they are doing.  Good people go to jail or get some sort of bogus charge that changes their freedoms forever.  Bad people plead insanity or some childhood issue that causes the case to get thrown out or a lesser charge.

What I want the news to report on is the facts.  What is going on in the background while you show me the bullshit in the foreground?  I know its a hopeless request.  I know that America strives for shock and awe.  Just look at all the shit on TV aside from the news.  The calendar of events that happened in the past couple weeks does not add up.  Maybe its just my analytical approach to life, but look at the dates below.

Sarcastic Timeline in the past month

Beginning in July, Arms Treaty bug deployed in our ears.
The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

July 16, Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick Fil A is interviewed.
HE HATES GAYS!!  He isnt open on Sundays!  He is a Christian!  Oh the humanity, someone burn this guy!  Side Note:  See the date?  July 16th.  4 days before the Colorado shooting.  Keep this in mind.

July 20th, Tragedy in Aurora, CO
Somebody, dressed like the in black purchased guns, and armor and masks and.... and.... tear gas.  WHOA!  Did you say tear gas?  As in canistered pop a top tear gas?  You mean the stuff that the common law abiding citizen cannot acquire?  Hmmn?  Interesting.  None the less, if this man truly (I dont think he did) did this on his own (no way) will probably have the insanity plea and go through wasted tax dollars for the next 30 years.

July 27, UN Arms Treaty to be signed by Hitlery Clinton
Perfect timing for the events of July 20th to happen wouldnt you say?  I am a conspiracy theorist.  These were directly linked somehow.  But what of it now?  Where is all the uproar?  What happened with this?  Why doesnt facebook have this riddled through its pages?

Aug 1, Chick Fil A Day
Huckabee creates a page on Facebook and states "Chick Fil A Appreciation Day for August 1st".  Thousands in the wake of 1st Amendment ridicule toward Dan Cathy, show up in line as a patron to show support by buying food at this establishment nationwide.

Aug 3, Kiss In at Chick Fil A
Direct retaliation to the Aug 1 Chick Fil A Appreciation Day where "LGBT's" will go as a protest toward Dan Cathy and publicly kiss in front of Chick Fil A through the nation.  (LGBT is an abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexuals and Transgenders).  Nowhere have I found regarding this "Kiss In" that those that tend to loiter on said business property to engage in a same sex kiss, did it state they intend to be patrons. 

So in all of the above topics and dates pawns, what is really going on?  Like that of the Wizard behind the curtain, I can see the topics.  I can see the news and it is a whirl wind of shit.  So what is really going on behind the scenes?  To me, I feel all these items have come up one after or before another to take your mind off of something else.  Kind of like 9/11 when we all as a nation wanted someones head on a stick.  We all felt that American blood boil.  We all respected the Flag (China loved us cause of increase in American Flag sales I might add).  We all respected the national anthem and cried for people we didnt know.  So what happened?

I will tell you what happened.  A shiny object was cast in front of you.  You the pawn.  You were moved on the chess board, just like you were supposed to be.  You were distracted enough to not realize that you have now been over taken and are off the board.  The media brought up a topic like they are instructed to.  Pour the fat into the story, and cast it out there regardless of harm.  Instate confusion so you forget.

So with the dates above, why no new news about Colorado?  Because he didnt do it alone and too many facts point in false directions.  A game changer was needed so they took a story from 4 days prior to the shooting and unleashed it to piss off the gays, lesbians etc.

Why no news on the UN Treaty any more?  Cause Hitlery has no bearing over the Constitution and we were lead to follow a Chick Fil A Appreciation day in the wake of the signing or lack there of.

Why no news about how LGBT's are not purchasing anything, but intend to kiss at the Chick Fil A establishments?  Uh OH!  Better get a new shiny object quick there media!  Wait, you dont have one?  Oh, I see.  You are not supposed to report this.

In Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take the Leap

I understand its hard.  I know times are tough.  Seeing the updates on III Percent's blog regarding III Arms Company on how we have gone from nothing, to half, to almost there is astounding.  It means that others have dug into their pockets and have taken the leap.  I know you may be thinking, "What could my measly $250 achieve, when the end amount seems unattainable."

I will tell you what is attainable.  It's called faith.  Faith in a fellow Patriot and to be part of something great.  This is an opportunity where some day you may look back and regret you didn't take that leap of faith.  This is the opportunity to solidify a future for Patriots.  To solidify Liberty.  To find common ground with others. 

The question is:  I have taken my leap of faith, why haven't you?

The Leap of Faith

In Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,