Monday, July 30, 2012

The Time Has Come

"The time has come my little friends
To talk of other things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
Of cabbagges and kings
And while the sea is boiling hot
And wheather pigs have wings
Kaloo Kalay come run away
With the cabbagges and kings" ~Lewis Carroll

Indeed Patriots, the time has come.  While above is from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, some of you may feel the time has come.  The question is how or where do you begin?  What chance of your own piece of Wonderland do you have? 

What if I told you there was a plan.  An idea.  Like a fire starting from a tiny spark, there is a chance to be part of something.  Something for Liberty by Liberty. 

So yes fellow Patriots, the time has come.  Time to reach into your hearts and take a leap of faith in Liberty by being part of III Arms.  The link below, "The Beginning", will explain the intentions and yield direction with a course of action that you can take.  I encourage you to read it, as well as all the posts regarding this.

I know the economy sucks.  I know its hard to make ends meet sometimes.  I know what its like to live paycheck to paycheck, but if I can do this, so can you.

The Beginning


Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Will Drink to That!

I know, I know it's around 31 days early, but I cannot let this one go.  This calls for a celebration as I must give credit to the perseverance and his achievement of success with sobriety.  It has been roughly 1,064 days passed and this man still has not had a drink!

I now raise a toast to this man as I recite my haiku made just for him.

Here's to Kennedy
A worthless piece of shit piss
Thank God you are dead

Ted Kennedy, Still sober since August 25th, 2009

Monday, July 23, 2012

Albino Squirrels Saved? Is that Racist?

A little humor goes a long way these days.  I have always liked Chuck in his career with hosting game shows.  His charisma and voice is unmistakable.  His idea in this video is creative and quite amusing as well as truthful and sad.  It is after the tally where I find it comical.  That being said, if white people save the Albino Squirrels, would that deem us racist?  After all it is white for white.

If you cannot see the video above, Go Here

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Daily Grind Came To a Halt Today

Today was an unusual day for me.  I got my coffee, my lottery numbers and proceeded to deal with the fucktards in traffic just like any other day on my way to work.  I took the stairs like I have been for the past month since I realized I am still healthy and there is no reason why I should not use them over the elevator.  I swiped my badge into the office, sat down at our morning meeting and after my report I did what I always do.  I went to the blog, aka Knuckle Draggin My Life Away, aka Wirecutter, aka Kenny.

I felt an emptiness surround me as this site was one few that I visited on a regular basis.  I have enjoyed his wit, humor and his Patriotism.  "Life happens, you know?" as he stated on another blog.  Take care fellow Patriot.  See ya in the fray.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oops, sorry man, wrong address

What would you do if you heard a knock at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning?
  1. Answer the door from where the knock came from?
  2. Answer the door from where the knock came from with a gun?
  3. Maybe go out the back door and gain the element of surprise with a flank and spank?

Well I can tell ya what the 26 year old Andrew Scott did.  He went with answer number 2. and is dead.  In the article, you will see that LEO did not correctly do their job.  Wrong address.  Wrong person.  No announcement that they were the police.

Lt. John Herrell said, "It's just a bizarre set of circumstances."

Bizarre?  People at burning man are bizarre!  People that where hockey pucks in their lower lip are bizarre!  Clowns are bizarre!  This John Herrell is FAR from bizarre.  This is a tragedy of monumental proportions.

View the story here.  The comments are worth the read as well.
Florida LEO at their worst

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I say ol'Chap, is it Tea Time?

First and foremost thank you to David at NC Renegade for the article that is linked below.

I would say this post directly correlates with a previous post of mine titled "Welcome to the Grey".  In which I was part of a Tea Party email survey.  My responses a month or so ago to the survey and the meaning behind my answers are not far off regarding what I found here:

Make My Tea Hard

I feel the same way in regards to the Tea Party or what ever the hell division of Tea or Tea label it's called.  I think its nothing more than looking at a static television at 3 a.m.  Left, Right, Rep, Dem, Whatever!  Its all one big incestuous pool of my side is better.  Liberty has no sides.  Liberty is freedom without oppressive restrictions imposed by authority.
But finally.
Something for me.
Something that I can drink.
So yes, can you please make make my Tea Hard?

And while your at it, could you spot a lump or two for the heads of every politician to jar their memory to the oath they took?  If it doesn't jar their memory, maybe they need some more lumps with their Hard Tea.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Whats in a laugh?

"Well a very very heav-eh, a heavy due a, bertation tonight.  We had a very darris darrison, bite, lets go hit tarris taison ish-lan-tada-bit to head the pit."

Everytime I watch this video I want to cry laughing. Some say it was a stroke, some say migraine, I say it went down like this, "Hey its the fucking Grammys and Imma gonna hoop it up!" which is what I think she did. Regardless it is funny.
Do you know why we laugh?  Do you know when you see someone fall on the sidewalk why sometimes you laugh?  Because subconciously you are pleased it didnt happen to you. I see all the comments of the people and their heart felt lash outs to those that laughed such as, "How could you?" , "She could have died!", "You souless bastards!".  Now here is the logic and why I find it funny and could care less about the Awwww pity people. This girl is with the media. This girl is attractive and like or not uses herself as a tool to get the "good" news.  THERE IS NO GOOD NEWS!  Unless I wake up tomorrow to the morning news stating that we somehow cloned our forefathers and they have wiped out DC then that is good news, other than that its all garbage. Garbage for the picking!

This anchor, like most media whores, (not saying she is, mostly the company she represents but I could be wrong) will suck the soul from you, spin what ever crap there is all just to make a good story. They all do it. The news is nothing more than a brainwash tool to get you sucked into commercials, false hope, and someones agenda other than yours. As for the commericial vacuum, dont beleive me?  Ok, here is an example.
At 3pm we find out in a snippet "Tonight on the 6 oclock News you will find out what toys are deadly for your kids."


Once the 6 oclock news starts, they start off with garbage and then they almost get to what you waited 3 hours for, but break for a comercial. Then they are back and its the weather and again almost what you waited for, but break for another coercial. Get the picture?  You love your kids. You dont want them to die by a toy if you can help it, but you sit and wait through those commercials that are filling your subconcious to the brim for the next impulse shopping spree like a ninja credit card.  Finally at 6:28, 2 minutes left to spare.

They talk

About a deadly toy.

For a measly 20 seconds.

Its something that you cant even buy in the US.

So yes I laugh. Laughter is the fountain of youth for us all. And yes I scoff the media whores cause after all they do it to us.

III Coin Update

As you know from one of my previous posts, I was going to acquire a III coin.  It is quite a unique coin as well as its history.  In my picture you see is its size versus the current minted dime.  The date on the coin is 1856.  Wow!  1856?  Hell that's when the Constitution meant every word.  Also this coin was minted just 9 years before the American Civil War or should I say Lincoln's tyrannical rampage.

Wiki Link

Friday, July 13, 2012

III Cent Piece

My wonderful wife in her quest to take a leap of faith in sales had the luxury of setting up a vendor booth at a local fair.  The both beside her was that of a "We buy/sell gold and silver" stand.  As I was looking at his coins, I came across the one above.

I asked him "how much?"

He stated, "That one is not for sale."

Our conversation began in how I can acquire this coin.  I don't care if its made of silver.  I don't care for the numismatic price.  I care because this III means more to me than that.  I got goose bumps when I saw this coin.  The type of goose bumps you get when the Star Spangled Banner plays.  The type of goose bumps you get when you Pledge Allegience to the Flag of the United States of America.  The type of goose bumps you get to know in your heart that you are part of the III.

He will be there today and tomorrow.  He stated he has others that are not in good condition like this one.  I told him I care not of the one side of the coin, but the III must be legible.  I am now anxiously awaiting to see and possibly purchase this coin.  My only wish is that I had enough money to buy one for all the III that I personally know.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Instruments of What?

Stumbling through the BBC news online, I came across a snippet from the UK about the U.S.  Los Angeles, CA to be exact.  So, since there is a lot of crime in LA, there was a gun buy back program instituted for "law abiding" citizens (yeah right) to turn in guns. 

$100 for any pistol or rifle
$200 for any assault weapon

There are so many thoughts going through my head regarding this snippet that I am going to do my best to not scatter, but more or less allow you the reader to digest and become ill.

Let's break this down:
There is an issue with guns in the black market.  Every law abiding citizen that owns a gun knows this.  Every law abiding gun owner goes through a background check.  Every law abiding citizen becomes registered to the gun.  Now, if the black market receives the gun through theft, corrupt gun store, etc would it not be in the best interest to do a background check on the serial number to find its origin?  Would this not allow the "good guys" (yeah right) to go after the "bad guys" (again, yeah right)?

Then we have the monetary value.  $100 for pistol or rifle, BUT $200 for any ASSAULT weapon.  WTF?!  Did I miss something here?  Whether I were to have someone throwing lead at me at 800 meters with a AR-15 versus a .45 acp, regardless I still dont want to get hit.  Both I would clearly identify as "Assault" on my well being.  There are no "Assault" guns.  There are different types of guns that perform different types of functions.  None the less it takes a cartridge, it has a trigger, and it goes BANG!

Now, there are also those that enjoy the sporting event of target shooting or collecting or as a hobby in general.  Some grow from that hobby to hunting and some like to have the added protection in their home should the need arise to protect themselves or their family.  I would NOT categorize these as instruments of death and violence.  The artist makes the statement, "People identify with them.  Immediately they know what it is. These are made of instruments of death and violence."

Really?!  How about Instruments of Protection?  Instruments of Rape Prevention?  Instruments of keeping my kids interested in a hobby/sport instead of drugs? and above all Instruments to keep our Liberty!

Good luck converting your sculpture into a working Instrument of Oops I'm Fucked when the world comes crashing at your door and you have no way to protect yourself.

See Article and Video here

Nothing is Made Here

Why should it be?  It costs too much to make anything here.  Right?  The government has dipped its dick in every ones dreams of building something with a label that states, Made in the USA, that you have to get it made cheaper across the sea at some sweatshop just to make a profit.
There is no self pride to state "Made in the USA" and don't give me shit about unions and that Detroit makes cars made in America.  Because they dont.  There is a distinct difference between being made in America and being assembled in America.
Fuck, even our American Flags are made in China.  MADE IN FUCKING CHINA!  Get off your high horse Reid, Pelosi and Boehner, you are part of the problem not the solution.  Don't play it like you actually give a two shits of where its made.
Foreign steel is called foreign for a reason.  I remember when Pittsburgh, PA was one hell of a Steel town.  Now the only thing Steel about it is the Steelers.  I remember when I used to have to get my rotors cut when I did my brakes on my car.  Now the rotors are so fucking thin and cheap you pretty much throw them away when you need to get a new "foreign steel" set that only last 2 years if you are lucky.
Just wait until ZeroCare comes into effect with its dick dipping in every orifice of your life.  By then, the only thing that will be "Made in America" will be anchor babies and legitimate citizen babies.
See the full article here

Welcome to the Grey

I, like most people on this rock, have at one point or time in my life added my email address to an affiliation that I felt was in my interest.  I get weekly sometimes daily emails with updates of “Patriotic” items as they happen.  Yes, Patriotic was in quotes because sometimes there is no black and white.  There is the grey area.
I like to keep it simple by dealing with my life like that of a computer.  In the realm of computers there is a word called Boolean.   Essentially this means True or False, Up or Down, Left or Right, Black or White etc.  Through deductive logic, there can be no grey area or the computer will not yield a logic answer.  I like to think of the old “blue screen of death” as a Windows Operating Systems way of telling me, “Oops, you found the grey area.
On July 11th, I received an email from a site I guess I signed up for.  I guess I also took a survey.  This email contained information collected based on all that took the survey.  Based on this Tea Party group survey, I would have to say I am a little concerned with the percentages if in fact the people that are in said “Tea Party” are truly Patriots or just mere new breed of sheeple.
Here are the questions and their stats.  I will interject my thought after each stat in parentheses and also state how I personally voted with this.

1. "Do you support the Tea Party?"
Yes: 97.37%
No: 2.63%

(NO.  This party in my opinion has many facades.  The majority of it just stirs the pot, will the minority of it has a false hope that it is truly a “Patriotic” party that will give us our giant “reset” button in These United States.)

2. "Have you ever attended a Tea Party rally, meeting, or event?"
Yes: 36.18%
No: 63.82%

(NO.  See my answer to Question #1)

3. "What political party do you identify yourself as?"
Republican: 71.88%
Democrat: 1.57%
Independent: 4.20%

(Independent.  I am currently registered as a Republican.  This will change eventually, but what I have found is the grey area.  You see there are 3 above.  From a logic stand point there should be two.  Your eyes see 3, but my eyes see two which is why I identify myself as Independent.  You see, the Republicrats and Democans are one in the same.  They pit the “left” against the “right” and vice versa to add confusion in the foreground whilst they perform their own selfish quickening in the background.)

4. "The Tea Party's three core values are fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. Do you feel that the President, Senate, and House of Representatives share these values?" (Check all that apply)
President: 0.58%
Senate: 1.03%
House: 31.61%
None of the Above: 66.78%

(None of the Above.  Really folks?  Way down deep in that red white and blue heart of yours you feel that percentages have performed diligently in your favor?  This should be 0%, 0%,0%, 100% in order of answers.)

5. "In your view, how important is it for the President and Congress to observe the strict constitutional limits on federal government power?"
Very Important: 98.40%
Somewhat Important: 1.13%
Not Important: 0.47%

(Very Important.  UGH!  Really?  Very Important should read 100%.  Enough said.) 

6. "Do you believe that President Obama has upheld his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic?"
Yes: 2.08%
No: 96.18%

(No.  I wanted to vote HELL NO, but there was not an option for that.  The tyranny and treason performed by this administration and those that are to serve We the People prior to this administration should be punished accordingly.) 

7. "Are you more likely to vote for or against (in both the primary and general elections) your representatives in Congress if they supported the five trillion dollar increase in the national debt presided over by President Barack Obama?"
For: 1.72%
Against: 4.74%

(Against.  Then again, not sure if I am going to vote this year.  I may save my energy and time and just go through my couch cushions looking for spare change for the upcoming Buy a Gun Day on November 6th, 2012.  Thank you to Kerodin and Arctic Patriot ) 

8. "Do you think a second term for President Obama would mean a further increase in the size and power of the federal government?"
Yes: 97.33%
No: 1.99%
(Yes.  The 1.99% lives under a rock, but yet somehow owns a computer.  I am convinced of this.)

I know we all have our rights to our own opinions. 
Above is mine.

Start saving for Question # 7.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Morals and Manners

Growing up as a kid, I was always taught morals and manners.  Funny thing growing up as a kid back then was typically you were only told once if you were in fear of a backhand like I was.  I dont think of my parents as bad parents, but parents that loved me and wanted me to learn morals and manners.  A code of conduct if you will.  Somewhere in the midst of that the saying "Spare the rod, spoil the child" comes to mind.

I find every day of encountering others a task.  An inner turmoil if you will.  I try to do my best and shrug it off.  I dont want any mind numbing medications that others take to cope with life.  I have become more verbal.  More hostile to my fellow mankind and I then fall back to my roots.  What I was taught as a kid.  To say "Please", "Thank you", "May I", "You're welcome", "God bless you", to hold the door open when I get there first and let them go before me.

I tell myself those days are not yet gone.  I tell myself ignorance surrounds me, but dont fall victim to it.  I tell myself "DO NOT LISTEN TO THE 10th VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!"  The 10th voice is reserved and the last barrier left before the 11th voice which by some could be a dreaded voice, but none the less the other 9 voices in my head are keeping the last two at bay.  How much does one take before Morals and Manners are gone from one's self?  Has all of mankind forgotten something so trivial and easy to do? 

I often beleive that what parents want is something better for their children.  So much so they let them grow up with the reigns a little less taught.  Now we have adults running amuck acting worse than that of a child who wants the new latest and greatest toy.  Self entitlement surrounds me so.  In traffic.  In the supermarket.  Hell even in the workplace.  What gives you the immoral right to fuck up my day with your self centered ways?
These people are blind.
These people vote
Worst of all these people procreate.