Monday, December 31, 2012

III Ring Surprise

It appears that my loving wife decided to really do a good job at surprising me this year for Christmas, which I may add, happens to be a task in its own since I have a habit of ruining surprises.  Without my knowledge she reached out to Hiswiserangel in search of a special gift.  Hiswiserangel put my wife in touch with Kerodin and low and behold I was indeed surprised this Christmas.  Knowing my wife, the last thing I expected her to do was contact Kerodin. 

The III Ring has since moved from my ring finger as pictured above to my middle finger of my right hand.  It's a snugger fit, plus when I am communicating with sign language it has a better effect.  From what I gather, there were only three III Rings.  I know Kerodin has one, Kenny has the other and I with the last.  Thank you Sam and Hiswiserangel for attributing to one hell of a tearful surprise this Christmas.

Have a happy and safe New Year everyone!
In Liberty,


Grog said...

So that's where it went to, glad it went to one of us.

Happy new year(?), stay safe.

hiswiserangel said...

God bless you and yours this coming year. Stay safe.

The Steel Ibeam said...

I will try to stay safe. Ppppft! Yeah right, what fun is that! :)

hiswiserangel said...

Okay if you can't be careful, at least be creative. :-)

The Steel Ibeam said...

Here, hold my rum and coke and watch this!