Monday, November 19, 2012

You Sank My.......Octocopter?

Well it would appear that it is "Drone" season here in Pennsylvania.  Funny thing, I don't recall there being a recipe for drones as my dear Grandma never had to cook one.  I also don't recall there being a listing of when Drones are in season or the limit.

I will however say that with the onslaught of technology these days, if you go poking the bear, you might get swat at.  Here in PA it would appear that an animal rights group had their flying camera (Octocopter) shot down at a legitimate pigeon shoot.

The wonderful story HERE.

Which then leads me to think after reading the story, who brings a rifle to a pigeon shoot?  You may want to check your facts there Sharkypoo, cause last I checked pigeons are typically hunted with a shotgun, but you would not know that as you probably never fired a gun, but yet require everyone around you to follow your anti-gun and anti-hunting stance.  Do you have a clue as to what the Game Commissioner does?  Didn't think so.  Maybe before making a stance on animal rights, why not look at statistics of the following:  If it was not for the Game Commission, the regulation of deer population would not be possible and the limits when acquiring a license for the year would change in a plus or minus.  As for pigeons, have you ever been to the fucking city?  Case closed.



Wild Cookery! said...

Most folks do not (and never have) hunt(ed). They have no idea that if the deer population wasn't managed that the population would explode and they'd eat themselves out of field and forest. This isn't PA of the 1600s. There simply isn't the wild land to support that kind of deer population.

But of course, they get all fluffybunny and just start thinking of poor ol Bambi. Then well up with tears of how cruel it is... whilst eating their McNuggets. ;)

The Steel Ibeam said...

Exactly my point. Some days when I cross a person like this I want to ask if they would like to pay maybe $5,000 or $10,000 a year for car insurance. If they say why would I do that? I would simply reply with, if it was not for the game commission and hunters, the regulation of game would drive car insurance costs through the roof.