Friday, November 30, 2012

Thoroughly To The Point

Ahhh, nothing quite like a nice refreshing read to satisfy my day.  I had stopped over at a fellow Patriot's blog today to read a post that I must admit, made me proud.  The post was created by SFMedic in regards to a letter written by Michael Nellet.  It was the type of letter in which I could see "We the People" use as a template to start filling up some of these life term politicians mail boxes to let them know the following:

"HEY!  We are on to you!"

Regardless, I encourage you to read it.

In Liberty,

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SFMEDIC said...

Mr. Nellett finally got a reply from Senator Frankenstein (D-CA)
"Michael, You should know by now what I have to say to you, Its Bush's fault and you are a racist.
Now go fondle your gun and thump your bible before I come get them."

Israel , that's just a little cerebral imagery to go along with trying to scrub out your eyeballs.
Keep the light on when you go to sleep.