Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In the Dark of the Night

I know we all have our preferences when it comes to tac-lights.  Some like Surefire, some like Streamlight and so on and so on.  Years ago a friend of mine acquired the Kimber Warrior with a tac-rail.  He also acquired the TLR-1 light.  Now back then, the lumens were not that intense.  However, when I asked him to paint me with the light in my kitchen with all my lights on in said kitchen I could not see.  The light was that intense and reminded me of my childhood at Christmas when getting blinded by Aunt <insert any Aunt name here>'s camera that you needed SPF 90 just to have your picture taken. 

Now let's fast forward to today.  Primary Arms has an email distribution list.  I would suggest you get on it.  They send out deals as they happen and it just so happens that I got the light shown above for $89.99.  I live on 1.5 acre plot and there is about 2.5 clear acres between my house and my parents.  The other night I got a phone call from my parents stating that there may be a deer that got hit by a car suffering between us.  Well I grabbed my rifle, some hollow rounds and headed out into the darkness.  The TLR-1s casts a beam of light that enabled me to see 2 acres in the darkness.  This light for its size far exceeds my expectations.  With the steady on function, momentary function or even the strobe function this little light is a wonderful addition to my rifle.

I would like to add that I am sure if you had a full size pistol with a tac-rail this would more than likely fit.  I have an XD 9 Sub Compact and this particular light is too big and will not work, but that is not what I bought it for.  I bought it for my rifle.  The only advice I have regarding the strobe is if you are using this feature in your house performing a sweep, make sure you do not paint light colored walls or you will learn first hand why the strobe feature is unique.

In this video, you will see the light's point of view, then the bad guy's point of view

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