Monday, November 3, 2014

Fashion for Freedom: To Those That Serve(d)

Some of you that know me on a personal level are aware that my family decided to jump into the "American Dream" in 2012.  My wife wanted to own a shop and own she did.  We hit our 2 year mark this past August 1st, but not with a little bit of ups and downs.  None the less, her and I are both strong and failure is not an option.  We own a little Women's Boutique called Eye Kandy.  We have been in the paper on numerous occasions and since our inception, we have always had a charity fashion show in the Fall and the Spring.  To date, with all the fashion shows for charity, we have helped raise over $30,000.  Our way of "paying it forward" to the community.  We are blessed with our health and our family and we would never be where we are without our patrons.

We also would not be where we are without our Veterans.  Those of the past, present and future, we are forever grateful.  This fall, we decided to team up with Defenders of Freedom.  From what I gather, they give more back to the Veterans than Wounded Warrior so it was a no brainer from our perspective.  Our Fashion show is November 15th, 2014 and will be held at the American Legion in Zelienople, PA.  Our lovely models will be escorted by current past and present Veterans.  Even US Army retired Major Wolf will adorn the runway with one of Eye Kandy's lovely models. 

Tickets for the show are on sale now.  We are taking donations, both monetary as well as auction items.  Last Spring we raised over $4,000 for the local Humane Society.  In going forth with the creation of a Pittsburgh Chapter for the Defenders of Freedom, I would love to see us do better than our Spring Fashion show.  We would love to have you in person, so if you are near Western PA and don't have anything to do with the Mrs.?   Then stop on down!  Food, entertainment, Auction as well as yours truly will be the MC for the night all while supporting our troops.

In Liberty,

Monday, October 27, 2014


No matter how you look at it, "time" is always ticking. Be it in a fight when that person has 10 more seconds of steam than you do or the time it takes for a mag change. Yeah that's right you hipster fuckers I said mag!  Not clip!

But the "Time" I am referring to is more at its humane root level. A little more...intimate if you will. The kind of "Time" where you could only be so lucky to surround yourself with people where time goes by, but when you see or talk to them, you would swear it was only yesterday. 

You see folks, we are all going forward, not backwards. We are all getting older, but time?  It doesn't touch the loved ones in our lives. Our names. Our "fireside" memories?  Yeah. Those are infinite. 

Hey!  Remember that time in NC when...?  Why yeah, my Daddy was there! 

Hey!  Remember the first time our eyes met and shook hands and gave a heart felt hug? too. 


When seconds count, take a breath. Mind your time. 

And cherish it to the very fucking end!  For it could be the last "Time".  You know who you are. You know that time has not changed us. 

In Liberty,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

III Percent Society: Meanwhile...

behind the fa├žade of this innocent looking bookstore.

I posted something on Facebook yesterday and for what ever the reason, I think it applies to what I am about to post.


39 years God has blessed me to walk on his creation.

39 years God has performed miracles in my life and taught me lessons.

39 years God has allowed me to realize I am far from perfect and yet through the death of his son Jesus Christ I have been saved and will be in His Kingdom.

The last 10 of those 39 years have been an awakening inside me. Its funny how His plan works for us when we
allow it to become His plan and not our own anymore. I have had many paths laid in front of me through the years and have met a lot of people. I can honestly say that there is a majority of you in the III that I have not met face to face, but know this. I trust more of you fuckers in the III that I havent met yet, than people I have known through the sands of time.

And if you turn your back on me, thats is fine, you will be forgiven. But you will never see my open hand for help when you may need it nor will you see me as an integral part in your life.

We have all had that fire and desire that burned deep inside us to finally make it's way out.  We have all gone from Lone Wolf, to Wolf Pack.  We have all come together to get shit done, and gone back to our every day lives.  We have all grown and brand ourselves as the III.

To me the III is an energy source.  A conduit of Liberty to place men and women together to restore rightful Liberty back to its intended state.  We all know the feeling.  That feeling of pride, honor, dignity, humility, perseverance, trust, security or gratitude when we III Patriots meet and break bread together and go to work, or tell stories around a camp fire or maybe help a fellow Patriot out.  Some days we are the rock for someone and other days they are the rock for us.  None the less you, me and we are the III.

As I drive down the highways, and believe me I have been doing a lot of driving, I see many stickers adorned on cars.  I swear I am alone on the highway with my III Resist Minuteman sticker on each side of my Jeep.  I never see a III sticker and yet I can go through pages upon pages on Facebook and see everyone has a III in their name or some pic as their profile pic with the III referenced.  I see a ton of NRA stickers, Gadsden Flags, etc., but never another III sticker.  Maybe its because the majority of you don't know where to get one like I have?  Maybe you feel you are part of the III, but you are not really "part" of the III.

You can do what I did and join the NRA and have a bunch of people represent you by moving the line in the sand on a constant basis regarding your 2nd Amendment rights.  Of course I quit the NRA 2 years ago, but you can still waste your money there if you wish.  You can join Oathbreakers and have people misrepresent you throughout These United States.  You can donate to the Tea Party cause after all, they have a Gadsden flag at their events so it must be legit right?  Or you could finally do something for yourself as one of the III.

You can join III Percent Society.

There are many levels to the III Percent Society that allow flexibility to your daily, weekly or monthly budget.  Each level grants you things like training discounts with some stellar professionals like Mason Dixon Tactical or The Defensive Training Group.  Maybe you want to get a III Arms Company weapon, but would appreciate a break?  There is a discount to be had there as well.  None the less, the time has come my Patriot Brothers and Sisters to take the step.  Join the ranks and pick a plan that works best for you.  Aside from the gracious discounts by the afore mentioned establishments, you also have some III swag that can be included.

Over at III Percent Patriots you will find a myriad of posts regarding the start of this organization.  Folks there was a spark at the 2014 Spring NC PatCon.  That spark has now become a fully engulfed inferno.  There were many discussions during the PatCon and many after.  I am proud to stand amongst you as part of the III.  Whether you choose to remain a person who claims to be the III or joins the III Percent Society does not change my view towards you.  However, joining an organization with minimal dues grants us one thing that we all must realize that is crucial to the success to restore rightful Liberty.

Strength in numbers.

Become a number, become the III!

In Liberty,


Monday, June 9, 2014

Reading: It's What Battle Beards Crave

I don't always grow a Battle Beard, but when I do I read Forward Observer.  Stay informed my friends.

Do you like Pictures?  Do you like reading articles about current events from a Patriot point of view?  How about a combination of both pictures and a Patriot Point of view?  Did you ever wonder why your Battle Beard is looking a little weak or when you get cut you bleed anything but red, white and blue?

Well I know just what you need!  A nice healthy cup of Forward Observer!
The folks over at Forward Observer Magazine put together one hell of a quarterly mag that can be yours by simply buying a subscription.  Its got pictures, Patriot articles, political satire, Patriot ads and more!  I was fortunate enough to get the Spring 2014 copy (#1 FO) as a prize at the 2014 Spring NC PatCon.  It is 60+ pages of a well put together magazine.  I have seen and perused through many a mags in my day and I gotta tell you, I am impressed with the quality from cover to cover.

So, if you want to bleed red, white, blue and 13 stars and have a battle beard like me, then click HERE and start the path with some good ol' Patriot journalism that is bound to make any libtard based literature in your house get up and leave!

In Liberty,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Dear Patriot Brothers and Sisters,

I know its been over 2 weeks since the great news that we received regarding Sandman.  I know I am one of many Patriot Blogs in the community so I am sure by now, you already know where the topic stands.  If you don't know, then let me tell ya.

FACT:  To quote Ghost Busters, "We came, we saw, we kicked some ass!"
Like that of III Arms Company and many other endeavors, the Patriot community dug into their pockets and shared what they could to help a man targeted for the second time in a row by those pesky tax flies.  There was more to the story, but out of the huge respect I have towards Sandman and not airing any of his personal life for the world to see, lets just say he is once again on the path he needs to be.

I would like to say thank you for all that stepped up.  YOU are what makes the III strong.  The chains where one is weak at times the others become strong.  All the Libtard groups out there have a war chest to dive into any time they wish.  We have to work for it.  However, I would gladly give to another Patriot, than give to any piece of shit Liberty Trampling organization.  You did good Patriots.  Damn good!

In Liberty,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

III to III: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?

Fact!  There was an idea one summer about a gun manufacturer.  40 some Patriots came together as Founders and helped launch III Arms Company!

Fact!  There was an idea to move out west and open a III MMA/Yoga Studio.  A list was made on Amazon and once again Patriots came together to help purchase necessities that will adorn that studio.

Fact!  III % of the colonists kicked ass to birth this Country.

All these facts have something in common.  Patriots get shit done!  I received an email to thank you all for the donations to date.  While I am happy of the joyous undertones regarding the email, I am not happy about the amount.  Now, before you go saying I am being a prick, I need you to analyze this the way I am.

When I first heard about the news from Sandman, the letter brought a tear to my eye.  I had to read the letter again just to understand the volume of spiritual, emotional and financial turmoil this man all of the sudden found himself in.  I knew of Sandman and was trusted by him, but never met him until the recent spring 2014 NC PatCon.  This man bleeds red, white, blue and 13 fuckin stars!  I would categorize him as a Jekyll & Hyde Patriot.  He is still a Patriot at the core, but on one side he is compassionate and sincere.  On the other side, well lets just say you want him on your team.  His eyes tell a story of past, present and future and yes, I met him for the first time and this is what I felt when shaking his hand.

Initially when I heard of the financial burden, which happens to be causing a domino effect in his life, I did a quick math in my head.  The equation was simple.  1,000 Patriots X $10 = This man can breathe.

This my friends...
This my Brothers...
This my Sisters..

I know the current number, cause as I stated, he wanted me to thank you.  Needless to say, Girl Scouts do better with cookies than we did as Patriots.  What really worries me the most is that based on the facts above, I thought by week end I would have received a different email.

There is roughly 317,000,000 people in this country.  III% is 9,510,000.  So, let me ask you a simple question.  If III% birthed this now tarnished Republic how in the fuck do we intend to restore the Republic when we cant even get a simple 1,000 Patriots to give a 10 spot to a Patriot that needs our help?  Yeah, times are tough.  So is Sandman's current shit storm.  Hell I will even go with 2,000 Patriots giving a $5 (Tyrant Paper for those in the South), but that doesn't even seem attainable.

Based on the number of blogs that rallied.  Based on the ties that bind us.  Based on those that know the caliber of man he is, I thought better.

Please, if you have it to spare, let us help this man out. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

His paypal account is:

If you don’t have a paypal account but would like to help, PM me on the right side of my blog and I will tell you where you can send a check or cash or silver.  Dont trust me?  Then what the fuck are you doing on my blog and further more I dont want you on my team as I have hid nothing since I have been up and running for you to not trust me.

In Liberty,

Monday, May 19, 2014

III to III: Sandman

A very proud Patriot in our community needs our help.  Sometimes, with pride, we find it hard to reach out a hand to our Brothers and Sisters.  I will not field any questions as to why I am requesting for you to dig into your pockets to help a Patriot Brother out, all I can say is that it is worth it and he needs our help.

Mr. K already has the links set up HERE

In the post and on the right of Mr. K's blog you will see where you can go to send money.  Even if all you can muster is $5, $10 or $20, any bit will help.

In Liberty,